These Rhinestone Nail Designs Are Made for the Mani Minimalist

September 23, 2022
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
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Search for “rhinestone nail art ideas” on Pinterest and you might find yourself overwhelmed by a ton of maximalist options (seriously, if you don't believe us, give it a shot). These bejeweled looks are certainly awe-worthy, but if you’re a mani minimalist at heart, you may be looking for more subtle rhinestone inspiration. Think a sheer coat of polish (or not, if you choose to skip it altogether) and your favorite rhinestone nail adhesives.

If less is more to you when it comes to glitzy manis, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, a breakdown on everything you’ll need to DIY the trend, plus nail art ideas to inspire your own look.

What Do You Need for a Rhinestone Nail Art Look?

To get the minimalist nail yook, you’ll need either a neutral nail polish or a clear coat of polish like Essie Treat Love & Color Polish in Clear. If you’d rather opt for a natural, polish-free nail look, we support that, too. From there, simply pick up your favorite nail rhinestones and get creative with your application. If you purchase nail rhinestones that have an adhesive back, like the Olive & June Diamond Sparkle Nail Art Gems, you don’t need to worry about nail glue. If you prefer to work with gems that require nail glue, consider the KISS Nail Art Rhinestones.

Click through to see some of our favorite rhinestone nail looks, and be warned that you’re going to want to recreate one immediately.

Chic and Oh So Easy

To get the look, simply shape your nails and then apply your nail rhinestones. Adhere the rhinestones to your nails with nail glue, or just press them on if they have an adhesive back, and then take all of the photos.

Stars and Gems

This look is minimalist, but it combines different nail appliques for an edgy feel. Apply them close to your nail bed for an even more modern spin.

Multicolored Gemstones

Use this look by @nailed_by_shelley as inspiration and add some color into your minimalist mani with rainbow gemstones.

Bejeweled French Mani

Got a thing for French manis? Stick to your signature but add a dose of glam with a few gemstones placed all over the nail — tips included.

Minimalist, But Make It Glam

Yup, minimalists nail looks can still be glam — take this nail look for example. Keep your nails polish-free, but cover the top half of your nails with rhinestones and let just a few escape to the lower half of your nail, too.

For the Long-Nail Obsessed

Fix your eyes upon these clear acrylic tips paired with all of the rhinestones one could ever need. Wear ‘em all over like this or just on your nails for a double take-worthy look.

Polish and Gems

Start by painting your nails a shade of neutral pink and then, using nail rhinestones you love, apply them around your nail bed so that you still show off your polish.

Photo: @nail_unistella

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