Pair One of These Spooky Nail Art Designs With Your Halloween Costume

October 22, 2021
Caitlyn Martyn
By: Caitlyn Martyn | by L'Oréal

We take Halloween very seriously — between the makeup, the body paint and the over-the-top costumes, we go all out from head to toe. The possibilities are endless, especially with that much room for creativity. If you’re not sure what to do with your nails this Halloween, keep scrolling. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best Halloween nail designs we could find on Instagram to pair with your costume

Cute Characters

If your costume involves a cartoon character or you just want to add a cutesy vibe to an otherwise spooky get-up, ask your nail tech for some adorable characters like the ones seen here. In this look, @nailsbyalenaj incorporates Sanrio cartoons, tiny bats and cute cobwebs onto an iridescent manicure. 

Bloody Claws

Blood is a gruesome touch added to many scary Halloween costumes, but if it makes you squeamish, you’ve got options. Our favorite choice: marbled red stiletto acrylics. The design conjures up a creepy aura without actually involving any blood.

Eye on You 

Between the swirled red detailing (which, kind of reminds us of blood) and the googly eye ball, this nail look is sure to get a rise out of even the most seasoned of horror film aficionados. Pair these spine-chilling nails with either an over-the-top costume or let them speak for themselves all night long.


Pumpkin Tips

Scary not your thing? There’s plenty of autumnal inspo to choose from. Take these pumpkin tip nails, for example. The set of orange-tipped square nails includes pumpkin detailing on three of the five nails for a nod to the holiday without going overboard. Bonus: the look will still be relevant long after Halloween festivities are over.

Ghoulish Graphics

Who can say no to a manicure sporting friendly ghosts? Re-create these  nails at home by grabbing white nail polish (we love Essie’s Blanc) and draw on some ghoulish shapes. Then, once the white has dried, use a thin brush dipped in black nail polish to give each ghost a face.

Totally Witchin’

You’re not a regular witch, you’re a cool witch. Especially if you amp up your costume with a celestial manicure to match. This one — which includes a lucite iridescent finish, eye, moon and star detailing, plus tiny flecks of sparkle — is sure to elevate your look. 

Photo: @evilstudios.isla

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