Velvet Chrome Nails Is the Luxe-Looking Manicure Trend You Need to DIY

May 05, 2020
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | by L'Oréal

Just when we thought we had seen every intricate and showstopping manicure trend on Instagram (hello to our favorites: Lucite Nails and Modern Manis), we were hit with yet another buzzy nail art look that we can’t look away from. The latest? Velvet chrome nails. It combines high-shine metallic shades with a velvety smooth finish for a rich, iridescent manicure. While it may look super difficult to create, Rita Remark, editorial manicurist and Essie global lead educator, tells us that it can be easily achieved at home. 

“Velvet chrome nails are, essentially, chrome nails with a matte top coat,” says Remark. “The matte top coat neutralizes the mirror effect of chrome, leaving behind a soft satin finish.” Want to learn how to get velvet chrome nails? Keep reading for everything you need to know, plus some major inspo. 

How to Get Velvet Chrome Nails At Home

First, apply a clear base coat. Then choose a super reflective metallic shade like Essie Penny Talk. After you apply the metallic shade, you’re going to take another nail polish (whatever color you choose) and apply it on top. By this time, Remark explains that the nails should appear super shiny and metallic. Finally, get the smooth velvety finish by applying a matte top coat like Essie Matte About You

Velvet Chrome Nail Looks to Try  

French Twist

Remark created a luscious velvet chrome manicure for the Wes Gordon 2014 Fashion Week show. Recreate this sultry mani by applying Essie Penny Talk, followed by Essie Bordeaux. Finish it with a coat of Essie Matte About You and a French tip using Essie Wicked


Midnight Blue


@Mikkis_nails creates a beautiful deep blue velvet chrome manicure. Try it out for yourself for a look that’s rich and decadent.

Purple Chrome


Take your acrylic nail set to the next level by making them purple chrome.

Mermaid Vibes


This iridescent green and purple velvet chrome mani is giving us serious mermaid meets galactic vibes. Whatever you want to call it, the results are seriously out of this world.

Photo Courtesy Of: @mikkis_nails

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