Here at MDC, we're always on the lookout for top-of-the-line beauty gurus to share advice on hair, makeup and nails. Today, we are thrilled to have nail expert Kait Mosh give us a spin on classic black nail polish. Take it away Kait!

With fashion month coming to an end, fashionistas around the world are left with a lot of fresh inspiration. There has been an ongoing trend of negative space manicures on the runways, and this season proved that trend will be going strong in the spring and summer seasons. One of my favorite nail looks was from the Delpozo show in New York. The models rocked chic negative-space manis that incorporated glitter and cool matte finishes. Check out how to get the look yourself!

negative space manicure



  1. Start with clean, manicured hands wiped clean with a nail cleanser to free the nail beds of any oil or dirt.
  2. Paint on one layer of base coat.
  3. Paint on one layer of your matte polish. Allow three to four minutes to dry.
  4. Take your small nail art brush and paint a thick line of gold (or silver) metallic polish down the center of each nail. (Take your time with this, you want it to be a crisp, straight line!) Clean the brush when you're done.
  5. Take your small nail art brush again and dab on little pieces of your glitter polish down the center of each nail, over the top of the gold or silver metallic. Allow another three to four minutes to dry.
  6. Paint on one layer of fast-drying top coat over the color only, and you're set to go!

What’s your favorite spring nail trend? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo: Erin Laine
Model: Diana Crisan

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