Oh, New Years Eve – we look to you with excitement, joy and just a little bit of apprehension. You mark the start of a brand new year and a world of possibilities in life and love, but you yourself are a force to be reckoned with. We’ll just come out and admit that our relationship with you is usually centered around one thing (champagne) and you haven’t always been forgiving to us the morning after. Nevertheless, we don our glitter and most festive apparel every year in celebration of you and the fresh start you represent. For those of you ringing in the New Year with a bang this year, why not give this pretty, shimmery look a try?

“This look is very romantic,” says MDC’s resident makeup maven Ashley Rebecca. “I imagine a woman in Paris wearing this look.  It’s soft enough to wear during the daytime; for night, just add a bolder lip. The overall effect is very festive, pretty and feminine.”  Ashley uses items from the Yves Saint Laurent Couture Variation Palette Night 54 Edition to create a gorgeous, NYE-ready final effect – proving that you can have your champagne and drink it too.

new year's eve beauty tutorial

1. Prime your lid with eyeshadow primer to keep your shadow in place.

2. Sweep a shimmery purple eyeshadow over your entire lid and in your crease.   

3. Add a light gold shadow to the inner corners of your eye and under your brow bone to highlight.

4. Blend a pop of light pink into the center of your lid.

5. Line the inner rims of your eyes with black eyeliner and finish with a swipe of volumizing mascara, like Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet  Faux Cils Baby Doll in Fetish Black.

6. To give a pretty glow, Ashley brushed Yves Saint Laurent Rue de Babylone Radiant Blush Palette on the apples of her cheeks. “When applying blush, start at apple of check and go upwards – never go down,” advises Ashley. “This sculpts the shape of the cheek for you, enhances your cheekbones and gives highlighting effect.”

7. For the final step, swipe on a purple-hued gloss stain to pull the look together.

What look will you be wearing for New Years Eve?
Tell us in the comments!  

Photo: Rebecca Dale Photography

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