5 Different Ways to Pull Off Loose Glitter Makeup

December 14, 2017
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
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Have you ever owned a package of loose glitter makeup and just stared at it the entire time it was in your possession — wondering how you can possibly pull off the wonderful, glittery mess IRL instead of using it solely to put the finishing touches on your Halloween makeup look? Us too, which is why we were determined to discover all of the ways to put our abandoned loose glitter to good use. We took to the Interwebs to discover ways to pull it off on your eyes, nails, face and lips.

Ahead, discover five ways to try out loose glitter so you can finally give your beauty arsenal the love it deserves.

To complement your eyeshadow…

We understand that using loose glitter with eyeshadow can be kind of intimidating. Kyra of AlyraTV will help walk you through the steps to create a bronze and copper glitter smokey eye using NYX Face and Body Glitter in Bronze and Copper. The finished look is the perfect ‘glam look for a night out.


To make your eyeliner more glamorous...

To add a glamorous touch to your normal winged liner, recreate Spankie’s easy glitter liner look using NYX Eyeshadow Primer, NYX Aqua Luxe Glam Liner and NYX Glitter in Crystal and Gold. No matter whether you’re beginner or a pro when it comes to makeup, you’ll be tempted to ‘gram this easy-to-create look.


To create a mesmerizing lip look...

According to Julia Salvia, creating a glitter lip look is actually pretty simple with the right products. It doesn’t need to be close to the holidays for you to debut a glittery red (or bright green) lip and if you don’t believe us — Julia’s glitter lip tutorial will do the convincing for us.


To use as highlighter on your face….

Fact: You don’t need to be going to a music festival to wear glitter on your face. Ashley of the atleeeey YouTube page uses Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Powder in Luminous before applying Urban Decay Loose Glitter in Pyrotechnics with a brush.  


To get glittery AF nails…

Disclaimer: Out of these five different loose glitter looks, this one has the potential to be the messiest. Nevertheless, Shir of Shirbear1 on YouTube will help walk you through the steps to achieve the most glittery, (mostly) mess-free nail look with the loose glitter color pigments of your choice.


Photo Credit: Diggy Lloyd

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