10 Instagram Beauty Trends to try in 2020

March 23, 2020
Jessica Harrington
By: Jessica Harrington | Makeup.com by L'Oréal

This year already leaves a lot to be desired (thanks, coronavirus and social distancing), but so far,  2020 has really brought the heat in the beauty trend department, and we have Instagram to thank for keeping us in the know. 

I can’t lie — I get offended every time my iPhone tells me what my screentime was for the previous week, especially when I see how much time I spent on Instagram. Anyone else? “It’s for work,” I say to myself defensively. But, it’s true. I rely on Instagram to keep me up to date on all of the biggest beauty trends, specifically when it comes to hair and makeup. From professional makeup artists and hairstylists to beauty gurus, influencers and other beauty editors, the inspiration on Instagram is endless. 

Check out ten of the buzz-worthy hair and makeup trends I’ve seen all over my Instagram feed in 2020.

Trend #1: Bare Face, No Makeup 

The no-makeup-makeup trend isn’t new, but we’ve never seen it like this before, and we have a feeling you’ll be seeing more and more no-makeup glam looks on your feed. 

Trend #2: Rainbow Eyeshadow 

Rainbow eyeshadow — and just rainbow makeup in general — is having a major moment on IG. Maybe it’s because the colors remind us millennials and Gen-Z babes of playing with makeup when we were younger, but the look is shockingly wearable.

Trend #3: Big, Feathered Brows

Remember when over-plucking your eyebrows was a thing? Gone are the days. Now, beauty gurus are trading their tweezers for a spoolie and brushing their eyebrows up as high as they can go to create a feathered, bushy look

Trend #4: Pearl Hair Accessories 

Grandma may have worn pearls around her neck, but beauty lovers on Instagram are showing off a new way to wear the precious jewels. We’re seeing pearl beads and clips being stacked and clustered together for soft and feminine hair looks. 

Trend #5: Pastel Eyeshadow 

From sunshine yellows to baby blues and seafoam greens, pastel eyeshadow is the move this year. Whether you use a highly pigmented liquid shadow or a soft powder, you’ll be on trend with this eyeshadow look. 

Trend #6: Over-the-Top Glitter Eyeshadow  

It’s pretty clear that 2020 is not afraid of glitter. When it comes to eyeshadow — or really anything else — the more glitter and glam, the better. The sparkly look is no longer only appropriate for nights out and special occasions; wear it anywhere! 

Trend #7: Glossy Lids

If you thought the glossy lid trend would die down with the turn of the new year, you thought very, very wrong. Glossy eye makeup looks are still going strong and Instagram devotees are loving every second of it.

Trend #8: Colorful Eyelashes

Colored eye makeup goes beyond eyeshadow. Colorful eyelashes are trending on Instagram in a big way. Head to your local drugstore to stock up on all of your favorite, brightest colored mascaras.

Trend #9: Neon Eyeliner

Trade your black eyeliner for a neon option instead — and while you’re at it, think outside of the box a little when it comes to application. Neon eyeliner is everywhere on Instagram right now (do you sense a theme here? The more colorful, the better!).

Trend #10: Hair Clips

Every child of the ’90s is having a field day with hair clips and there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon. What better way to dress up a good (or bad!) hair day than with a few fun clips.

Photo: @dmv.makeupartistry

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