Get Half Off the Entire Kristen Leanne x Urban Decay Collection RN

March 13, 2018
By: Marisa Petrarca
Get Half Off the Entire Kristen Leanne x Urban Decay Collection RN

Urban Decay has a knack for dropping major product launches on the fly — when we least expect it, of course. In a perfect world, we can get our hands on every single new product we scroll by on Instagram, like all 20 shades of Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss and Double Team Colored Mascara, the sleek, multipurpose Backtalk Palette and the entire Kristen Leanne x Urban Decay Collection that took the beauty world by storm.

If we purchased every product from the line when it first dropped, we’d be rich in beauty but broke in actual funds. And as wonderful as it sounds to be drowning in beauty, we need to pick and choose what products we’ll actually use frequently — and what we have room for. If you’re palette-obsessed, you probably struggled to choose between the Kaleidoscope Dream or Daydream Eyeshadow Palette. But if owning a thousand and one lippies is your vice, Kristen Leanne’s limited-edition Vice Lipstick or Liquid Lipstick might be more up your alley.

So if you had to make a gametime decision in the past about which products to call your own, your chance to add one or two (or all) of the products to your collection just got more attainable. The Kristen Leanne x Urban Decay Collection is currently 50% off online at Sephora, Urban Decay and Ulta. We don’t have an official word on how long the sale will be going on, which means you’ll want to make your selections fast — a sale this good doesn’t last long.

Hero Image: Urban Decay