3 Makeup Techniques You Should Master in Your 20s — According to Celeb Makeup Artist Tim Quinn

January 17, 2019
Alanna Martine Kilkeary
By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
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Your 20s is a pivotal point in your makeup life — not only are you figuring out your beauty identity, you’re experimenting with different techniques that best suit your complexion. There are, however,a few makeup tips and tricks that you’ll want to master and take with you throughout your makeup years. So, we chatted with Armani Beauty Celebrity MUA Tim Quinn about what exactly these are, and how they can shape your developmental beauty years — and here are his top three.

Master a Skin Care Routine
First and foremost, Quinn’s number one technique to master is a skin care routine. “You want to find a proper cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin, and that can remove your eye makeup, lip makeup and face makeup all in one,” he says. His top product pick for this is the Giorgio Armani Prima Instant Off Oil in Gel Cleanser. You also want to make sure this routine includes a great moisturizing follow up, and the Giorgio Armani Prima Soft Peeling Lotion and Prima Face Balm are excellent aftercare steps.

Master Your Complexion
“A proper under eye concealer as well as foundation to even out your skin tone sets the base for your entire makeup look,” says Quinn. This also includes the primer you use under makeup, which will allow your skin to look smoother and you’ll end up using less foundation. However, the rest of your makeup also plays just as much of a key role as your primer does — and Quinn notes that keeping the powder light is another technique you’ll want to become a pro at. “I love the new Giorgio Armani Neo Nudes for this,” he adds. “Because of the subtle glow finish — it won’t appear matte or dry.”


Find Your Shape
Last but not least, Quinn says learning to contour correctly is a key skill you’ll use for the rest of your makeup-wearing life. “You want to master the art of subtle shading and shaping,” he says. “And the Armani A-Line Contour is the perfect highlight and blush allow for subtle seamless transition and playing with light and shadow.” This way, you’ll be able to craft shapes that suit you for years to come. “As you mature, you may need to change the placement, texture and tone, but you can really carry these forward in your life flawlessly,” Quinn adds.

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