Beauty PI: How The Maybelline New York Lasting Fix Setting Spray Came to Be

August 13, 2019
By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal
Beauty PI: How The Maybelline New York Lasting Fix Setting Spray Came to Be

Whether you prefer a dewy or matte setting spray finish, one thing is for certain: drugstore setting sprays are often just as innovative as a higher-end formula. Case in point? The new Maybelline New York Facestudio Lasting Fix Makeup Setting Spray, a shine-control, matte-finish setting product that holds your makeup in place for up to 16 hours. But what makes this product stand out from its other drugstore counterparts? We chatted with Trish Flynn, AVP of Product Development at Maybelline New York, about exactly how the Lasting Fix Setting Spray works, what makes it unique and how you can incorporate it into your routine. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Why Lasting Fix?

Although you can find long-wear setting sprays lining the shelves of your local Sephora, finding a similarly formulated and lasting spray in the drugstore can be difficult, which is why Maybelline chose to bring this product to life. “We wanted to develop a best-in-class, long-wearing makeup setting spray, so we worked with our labs and packaging teams to create a formula that not only performs, but is easy to use,” says Flynn. Lasting Fix brings the concept of a high-end formula and heavy packaging to an affordable and approachable price point, which makes it appealing to makeup junkies who love a good drugstore beat.

What Makes Lasting Fix Different?

Other than its affordability, Flynn was not kidding when she said that the Lasting Fix formula is best-in-class. “Lasting Fix has three unique qualities, the first of which is flexible film formers, which are polymers that help to ensure flexible long-wear,” she says. These polymers help to make the setting spray comfortable and soft to wear throughout the day. The second unique quality about Lasting Fix is that the formula contains actual mattifying powder within it. “This ultra-fine powder helps absorb excess oil and leaves the skin with a matte finish,” Flynn explains. This spray-to-powder particle innovation gives it a complex edge compared to other setting sprays on the market, because it’s literally giving you a setting powder and spray combined into one step. 

“Lastly, Lasting Fix uses a solvent delivery system that helps set and provide a hydrated feel,” Flynn notes. This high-level of quick-drying solvents is what makes you feel so refreshed when you spray it, but it’s also what ensures that while your makeup stays hydrated, it also doesn’t budge. 

Who Is Lasting Fix For?

According to Flynn, Lasting Fix is a quick add to any makeup routine, but is especially good for the makeup maximalists who love a full, matte beat. “This product will also work especially well for anyone with oily skin or anyone who suffers from oil seeping through their makeup throughout the day,” she adds. 

How to Incorporate Lasting Fix Into Your Routine

Once your makeup is complete, simply spray Lasting Fix all over your face to set it in place. You can easily take it with you if you’d like to keep spraying throughout the day but considering it gives up to16 hours of wear, you may not even need to. The packaging also makes the product extremely easy  to use at any time. “It has a very fine mist that was designed for equal and even distribution on the face,” says Flynn. “And we also developed a signature scent that finishes it off with a subtle, well-rounded sensorial experience.” 

We don’t know about you, but we think we just found our new favorite affordable setting spray that gives our high-end formulas a major run for their money. 

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