5 Silicone Makeup Applicators You Didn’t Know You Needed (But You Definitely Do!)

July 18, 2018
By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
5 Silicone Makeup Applicators You Didn’t Know You Needed (But You Definitely Do!)

Makeup brushes are fun to hoard (much like every other beauty product we own), but sometimes it’s hard to keep things interesting and fresh. Sure, we could invest in new brushes with a fun print or maybe even some fancy oval ones if we feel like splurging, but besides that, our makeup brush game can only change so much. So if you find yourself looking to try something new — or maybe you’re just sick of makeup brushes in general — we implore you to delve into the world of silicone makeup applicators.

The benefits of using silicone makeup applicators go as follows: You won’t waste any of your precious product because it won’t be absorbed by silicone, the product is super easy to clean (no drying time!), and if you have acne-prone skin, they’re a great option because they won’t harbor any bacteria that could lead to a breakout.

Ahead, check out five silicone applicators we love and how to use them.

For Silicone Applicator Newbies

e.l.f. Glitter Silicone Blender Duo, $8

Makeup lovers who are new to the silicone applicator game should check out this pretty silicone blender duo from e.l.f. The smaller blender is meant for targeting smaller areas like concealer application, and the larger blender is meant for broader areas for products like skincare, primers and foundation.


For the Skin Care Hoarder

I Dew Care Silicone Brush, $8

For those who hoard masks with wild abandon, you probably need this silicone brush in your life. If you find yourself constantly making a mess or no longer want to end up with mud mask under your fingernails, this silicone brush allows for easy, even application.


For Complexion Perfection

Real Techniques Expert Blending Duo, $10.99

Pair this duo together to expertly blend your base makeup and perfect your complexion. Start by tapping your foundation on with the silicone applicator. Blend your foundation into your skin by dampening the provided sponge and blending your foundation in a bouncing motion.


For The Glitter Enthusiast

NYX Professional Makeup Dual Silicone Applicator, $12
If loose glitter or shimmery pigment is a must-have in your makeup stash, this dual silicone applicator will make your life easier a whole lot less messy. Pair with NYX Foil Play Cream Pigment for an on-trend eye look.


A Pretty Collection With a Perfect Rating At Ulta

Pur Pillow Blend Collection, $39

These pretty silicone applicators truly live up to their name as “pillow soft.” They’re designed to replicate your fingers (you’ll notice each brush has a fingertip pattern) to help you achieve an even, smooth finish.


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Photography By Chaunte Vaughn