BTS: Jessy Clark Shares Her Ulta Beauty GM Convention Diary

April 09, 2018
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
BTS: Jessy Clark Shares Her Ulta Beauty GM Convention Diary

If you live and breathe beauty, you may have heard of Ulta Beauty General Managers Conference, an annual exhibition where attendees can check out the latest, most popular products, meet artists and experts and get the full experience of each brand. Wondering how that’s done? Here, Glam Masters makeup artist Jessy Clark, aka @blushandbone shares her incredible experience:  

Thursday April 5, 2018

So today’s the first day of the Ulta GM National Convention! I am so lucky to have been flown out for this event by Dermablend. I’ve never been to a convention quite like this before and I can’t wait to see what all of the new launches are from some of my favorite makeup brands.

It’s 6:15 AM, and I’m just waking up. There’s not a lot of lighting in my suite so I was planning to use this big beautiful window overlooking the city and just set up in front of the window to do my makeup with natural light, but what I didn’t take into consideration was that I was getting up before the sun! So I figured, “OK I’ll kill some time and go down to the club floor to grab some breakfast and bring it back up to my room and then by the time I’m done with breakfast, the sun will be up and I can start getting glam.” But of course, like the graceful lady I am, I spilled hot coffee all over myself coming through the door! Well I’m wide awake now, LOL.

So now that my food and I are both covered in coffee, I discard the plate and take a quick shower, hop out and start glamming at the speed of light. Thank god for my Dermablend Flawless Creator — this stuff is so incredibly pigmented and full coverage that it takes just one quick layer and my skin is perfect! I was up pretty late last night on Instagram finding inspo for the look I wanted to do today. Since I’m here with Dermablend, I wanted to stay true to their aesthetic with some beautiful neutrals, but I also wanted to keep it very me, so I decided to do a soft bronze eye and then smoke out my bottom lash line with a metallic royal purple shadow. I really want to keep the focus of the look on clean glowing skin, especially since Dermablend is all about perfecting your skin, so I went with a simple nude lip and then packed the Dermablend Glow Creator onto the high points of my face to really bring that luminous, dewy glow. That’s it! Mama’s ready to hit the ground running!

Walking into the convention, there’s the most amazing buzz of energy going through the room. One of the best things is hearing the teams at all the different booths getting hyped for the day ahead and doing little group “WOOO” and cheers! There’s music bumping and lights everywhere. The booths are amazing, the vibe is electric, and there’s so much excitement in the air! I’m so excited to check out some of these incredible presentations. Tarte and IT Cosmetics displays are practically half a football field long, Benefit has like 10 rows of long tables they’ve turned into Benefit Brow Bars and they’re doing free custom shaping and brow waxing! Kopari has a tiki hut with a guy cracking open coconuts for people to drink, Pur Cosmetics has someone laser engraving lipstick tubes, one hair care brand has a photo booth setup with two hot dudes in jeans and leather jackets on a motorcycle you can hop on and take pictures with, Urban Decay has a freakin’ purple GTO at their booth! Pureology is giving away little vintage style rolling luggage filled with gratis, Nicol Concilio is taking pictures with people at Smashbox, Dr.Brandt is giving out little water bottles filled with their new drinkable liquid serum (delicious and equal to 15 cups of green tea, btw). I even stopped by the CHI display and got my hair done.

Bretman Rock is here with Morphe and came over to Dermablend to check out the new stuff. I got to hang out and chat with him a bit and color-match him with the Flawless Creator. He was so darling and friendly and he was even sweet enough to make a little video for my best friend who adores him (she died when she saw it, obviously).  

I had the most amazing time at the event, but the biggest highlight of the day for me was getting to meet so many people who know me from Glam Masters, Revenge Body and my work or Instagram. I took tons of pictures with people and gave out even more hugs! Nothing makes me happier than meeting people who support me and my work in person. I have a love for my supporters so immense that words can’t reach. I am so humbled and grateful to have had this experience!


Hero Image Courtesy Jessy Clark