Career Diaries: Natalie Mackey, Founder of Instagram-Famous Winky Lux

May 02, 2018
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
Career Diaries: Natalie Mackey, Founder of Instagram-Famous Winky Lux

There’s nothing like a beauty brand that also has a well defined lifestyle represented by a perfectly-curated Instagram feed. Making this magic happen for two of our favorite brands on the ‘gram is Natalie Mackey, founder of Glow Concept, a company with a mission to create cruelty-free, sustainable beauty products with luxe formulas — but not traditional luxe prices ($$$). Glow Concept owns two beauty brands we think you’ve heard of: Winky Lux, the creators of the magical, color-changing flower lip balm and Laqa & Co., a beauty brand with arguably the best smelling face oil around.

Ahead, find out why Mackey founded Glow Concept, why the brands’ packaging is so damn Instagrammable and what beauty means to her.

Why were you inspired to develop Glow Concept? Can you tell us more about the company?

I wanted luxury formulas and experiences at drugstore prices. I knew if I wanted it, there were other women who wanted it, too.


What moment in your career are you most proud of, thus far?

When we had our first big digital sales day in 2015. It meant that we were going to be a real business. I’m also really proud of my team every day.


Winky Lux and Laqa cosmetics products are so Instagrammable? What's the inspiration behind the product packaging?

We believe products should be as beautiful on the outside, as they are effective on the inside. It’s our responsibility to design things that feel like treasures. When you buy something for yourself, it is as if you’re giving yourself a much deserved little present. Our customers are busy being boss babes, super moms and just generally changing the world. They deserve the most precious and beautiful things. We’re also suckers for anything cute.


What's one of your favorite products from Glow Concept brands?

The Peeper Perfect Concealer from Winky Lux is my desert island product. I never leave home without it. When we have sell-outs on the website I get calls from people I haven’t seen since high school asking if I can get them some. It incites mania.


What are some of your favorite makeup products of all time?

DHC cleansing oil, Dior Show Lash Primer, Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub, the Winky Lux Dream Gelee (I slather it on before I fly, and it acts like a mask you don’t wash off).

Aside from your wallet and phone, what do you keep in your purse at all times?

Let me see!...My bamboo sunglasses, keys, my laptop, a change of shoes, a hairbrush, my mini makeup bag, and a spare charger…I have a big bag obviously. lol

What does beauty mean to you?

It’s a feeling. Either confidence or happiness or both.

What do you do for fun?

Work at Glow Concept.

What advice would you give to your younger self, if you could?

Don’t do things or pursue careers because you think they’re expected of you. Do what you truly believe, and then when you’re working really, really hard, it won’t feel like work.


What's next for Glow Concept?

Laqa has some amazing skin care innovation launching, and Winky Lux is launching a few new experience stores in the next four months. (Yo! We’re hiring!) It’s going to be a mega year.


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