Model Sianna Renee Only Uses One Makeup Brand — And We’re Not Mad At It

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Beauty means something different to everyone, and we’re on a quest to find out why. This week, Tembe is profiling Sianna — a model and member of the Mizani Texture Squad. When did you start wearing makeup?

Sianna Renee: I started wearing makeup as soon as I could because it amazed me to see how beautiful these women [who wore makeup] were.

MDC: What was your first makeup product, and would you still use it today?

SR: My first makeup product was Lancôme foundation; I just love how it gives you a natural glow from underneath. I still wear it to this day — actually most of my makeup is Lancôme because my mom got me hooked.

MDC: Fave makeup product right now?

SR: My favorite makeup product as of now would have to be the new mascara that Lancôme came out with called Monsieur Big. After using this product, your eyelashes are so full and so long; I feel it completes every look.

MDC: The one product you can't live without?

SR: I can’t live without eyeliner, technically any eyeliner, but I like to use the liquid eyeliner from Lancôme, as well.

MDC: Your beauty philosophy in 8 words or less.

SR: Be bold, be diverse, and transcend.

MDC: Tell us a little bit about your hair? Is it your baby or just a thing on top of your head?

SR: I used to hate my hair because I didn’t know what to do with it. I have a pretty great cowlick that I didn’t know was a great thing until modeling. Now, I really do try to take care of my hair as much as I can just because I want it to be healthy and happy. My hair is a fashion statement to me.

MDC: What’s your go-to product? Go-to hairstyle?

SR: My go-to product is MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk. I can just spray in and go, and it rejuvenates my volume and my curls. My go-to hairstyle would have to be soft curls, basically like a blowout; I feel like it gives me great volume, and I feel sexy.

MDC: What’s your relationship with your hair? Has it always been your fave or has it been hard to love?

SR: It’s been hard to live with it just because my hair isn’t curly curly, but it isn’t straight either. The only reason it’s been hard to love for me is because I didn’t know what to do with it but now that I know better. I love my hair and embrace its ups and downs.

MDC: How does your hair impact the way you view yourself? Does it make you feel more confident or beautiful?

SR: My hair makes me feel 10 times more confident — if the hair’s good, I’m good. It makes me feel bold and brave to take on anything, and it makes any outfit/makeup style look way better.

MDC: Craziest hair story (wild dye job, crazy undercut, etc.)

SR: When I was about 16, I wanted to try a full sew-in weave. I wanted my hair to grow, and I wanted my hair to always look perfect without me having to do it. I got some beautiful black bundles and my friend dyed the top part of my hair to match the rest of the bundles I had gotten. I loved it so much, and it made my hair grow tons because it was braided back and not touched for three months or so. When I took it out, I wanted the top part of my hair dyed back to my natural brown color so I went to this hair colorist at a salon instead of having my friend do it.

At the time, I didn’t know you had to bleach hair to get it back to a lighter color. The colorist did not use bleach; she just put a reddish-brown color on top of the black and my whole head turned a burgundy red that was not close to natural. The top part of my [hair] was still black, so I had half black and half reddish-burgundy hair. I finally went to someone who corrected it, but I had to dye it twice within two weeks. All that growth from the weave had to be cut off due to all of the damage that was done to my hair.

Hero Image Courtesy Mizani Sianna

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