The Best Blush and Highlighter Pairings According to Beauty Editors

October 05, 2018 logo
By: | by L'Oréal
maybelline master chrome highlighter in molten gold and black radiance artisan color baked blush in raspberry

Applying a full face of makeup is similar to baking a cake — why else are there so many baking-related makeup products?! You follow a recipe and end up with a look that works for you. If foundation is the batter and brows are the essential spices, we like to think of blush and highlighter as the icing and sprinkles on top. It’s the little something you don’t necessarily need, but without it, the cake just isn’t the same. And just like certain toppings don’t pair well, the same goes for blush and highlighters. The right blush and highlighter combo will give you that fresh-from-vacation warmth, while the wrong one will leave something to be desired. We asked our beauty editors to spill the beans on their favorite blush and highlighter combos ahead — you might just be inspired to create your own (or steal one of theirs!).

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