The 20 Best Eyebrow Fillers to Try in 2023

December 21, 2022
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By: Maddy Sims | by L'Oréal
photo of NYX, IT Cosmetics, and L'Oreal eyebrow fillers
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyebrows are the window frame. And while a filled-in brow isn’t always as dramatic as a red lip or a dark smoky eye, it can have a major impact on your appearance. “Eyebrows help frame the face as well as give more definition to the eyes,” explains Shanie Crosbie, a professional makeup artist in California. “Filling in your brows can give a nice lift and openness to the face and eyes.”
With the right products, you can create beautiful brows. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas, an eyebrow gel to set your hairs in place or an eyebrow wax to give a lamination effect — the choice is all yours. To help you get started, we rounded up 20 of the best eyebrow fillers to help you achieve your #browgoals.

What Is an Eyebrow Filler?

Eyebrow fillers are any products you can use to alter or enhance the appearance of your eyebrows. “Different products give different results,” Crosbie explains. Below, we break down each kind of eyebrow product to know.

How to Apply Eyebrow Filler

How you apply an eyebrow filler depends on what type you’re using. Keep scrolling for tips on applying eyebrow pencils, waxes, gels, powders and more.

Eyebrow Pencils

You’re probably most familiar with this eyebrow product. It’s a thin pencil-shaped pigmented stick that allows you to draw hairlike strokes to fill in your eyebrows. “Eyebrow pencils give definition and shape,” explains Crosbie. “I suggest this product when you need to build more structure when brows are more sparse.”

To use eyebrow pencils, start small. “Use small, light-pressured strokes and concentrate on the areas where the hair is sparse and less defined,” says Crosbie. “I usually recommend not starting at the front of the eyebrow, instead try starting at the mid-arch and working towards the tail-end.” Don’t forget to use an eyebrow spoolie or eyebrow brush to soften any hard strokes at the end.

Eyebrow Markers

If you want to be extra precise, consider a brow marker. Think of it like liquid liner for your eyebrows. “I like these for doing fine detailing, like when you want to add individual hair strokes or need to fill in areas where you want to create a more realistic hair stroke,” says Crosbie. 

In terms of application, markers are similar to pencils. Start with small, light strokes and focus on the mid-arch, working your way back to the tail.

Eyebrow Gel

Whether you want to bulk up your brows or set them and forget them, eyebrow gel is your secret weapon. “Eyebrow gel helps to hold brows in place and can add a bit of texture to the brows, giving the illusion of fluffier and fuller brows,” says Crosbie. Some eyebrow gels contain actual fibers, which cling to the brow hair, making them look thicker and fuller. This type of product comes in clear or tinted shades. “Apply gel in the direction you would like the hairs to be,” says Crosbie. “I like to backcomb a little bit to get the maximum fullness and fluffiness as possible.” You can also firmly press against the skin and hold the hairs place for a few seconds to let the gel set.

Eyebrow Wax

For brows that won’t budge, try eyebrow wax. “This is a stronger type of brow gel,” notes Crosbie. “Eyebrow wax gives a maximum hold and can give the ‘laminated look,’ also known as a brushed-up, fluffy look.” Follow the same instructions for application as eyebrow gel: Comb backwards and then brush them into your desired look.

Eyebrow Powders

Want a your-brows-but-better look? Try eyebrow powers. “They give more depth to the brows and can help shape them in a softer way than a pencil can,” explains Crosbie. “I usually use this product when someone has really nice natural brows that don't need a lot of defining.” Her pro tip? Use powders that add a bit more texture to the brows to help them look fuller.

To apply, use a small angled eyebrow brush with an attached spoolie at the opposite end. “Brush the brows upwards and see where you have sparse areas and focus there first,” says Crosbie. “Blend that out with the spoolie brush, then brush the brows downwards — you can find areas that may have some gaps that need to be addressed, follow again with the spoolie and blend.”

Eyebrow Pomade

Want big, bold brows? Eyebrow pomade is the product for you. “This product is a colored, thick solid gel,” explains Crosbie. “You can create the illusion of single hairs or can do a very strong blocked type of look to the eyebrow.”

If you’re wondering how to apply eyebrow pomade, it’s a similar process to powder. Use a small angled brush and brush the product upwards. Once that’s done, brush your brows down to see if you missed any spots. If not, brush upwards once more and let them set.

The 20 Best Eyebrow Fillers to Frame Your Face

IT Cosmetics Brow Powder Universal Eyebrow Pencil

This eyebrow pencil will sculpt, shape and shade your brows — all while promoting healthier, fuller brows. This precise pencil delivers hairlike strokes, while the formula delivers brow-loving ingredients (like biotin, grape seed oil and green tea) to promote healthy hair growth. Plus, it comes in four universal shades.

Best eyebrow filler IT Cosmetics Brow Powder Universal Eyebrow Pencil

L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Longwear Brow Gel

Available in eight shades, this brow gel from L’Oréal Paris delivers buildable pigment that’ll stay in place for up to 48 hours — though we definitely recommend removing your makeup before you head to bed. Not only does it plump up brow hairs, helping your eyebrows appear fuller, but it molds them into whatever shape you desire.

Best eyebrow filler L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Longwear Brow Gel

NYX Professional Makeup Thick It Stick It! Brow Gel

This product is everywhere on TikTok — and with good reason. This vegan eyebrow gel contains fibers to thicken and tint your hair for maximum impact. The formula is ultra-buildable, which means you can customize your eyebrow look in just one step.

Best eyebrow filler NYX Professional Makeup Thick It Stick It! Brow Gel

Urban Decay Brow Blade Ink Stain + Waterproof Pencil

Wishing you could get a freshly-microbladed look? This inventive duo from Urban Decay can make it happen. Use the pencil's ultra-fine tip to shape and fill in any sparse areas on your brow, and then use the ink stain to create long-lasting hairlike strokes.

Best eyebrow filler Urban Decay Brow Blade Ink Stain + Waterproof Pencil

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Filler Eyebrow Gel

We’re fans of this eyebrow gel because it’s a one-and-done product. The pointed tip of the brush fills in sparse areas while the flexible formula creates full, fabulous brows. But the best part? The gel is waterproof and long-wearing (it will set your brows into place for up to 16 hours).

Best eyebrow filler IT Cosmetics Brow Power Filler Eyebrow Gel

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer

There’s a reason we vote this as one of the best drugstore eyebrow pencils on the market. It has a super fine pencil point, which allows you to create realistic hair strokes, and a waterproof formula. This brow pencil also features a spoolie brush on the opposite end so you can brush your brows up for extra volume. Plus, it’s under $10.

Best eyebrow filler L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer

NYX Professional Makeup Lift & Snatch! Brow Tint Pen

Go from natural-looking to super-snatched with this versatile eyebrow marker. It has a flexible micro-brush tip that gives you the ability to create thin or thick lines. Plus, it’s transfer-proof, smudge-proof and lasts up to 16 hours.

Best eyebrow filler NYX Professional Makeup Lift & Snatch! Brow Tint Pen

Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyebrow Maestro

Calling all makeup minimalists: This eyebrow product is for you. You can use it to shape and fill in your brows, and then use it as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, contour or a root touch-up. The waterproof formula lasts up to 20 hours.

Best eyebrow filler Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyebrow Maestro

Lancôme Brow Define Pencil

If you prefer a precise brow tool, try the Lancôme’s Brow Define Pencil. It has a self-sharpening tip that creates ultra-fine hairlike strokes that blend in perfectly. The moisturizing formula is also waterproof and budge-proof, lasting for hours on end.

Best eyebrow filler Lancôme Brow Define Pencil

Maybelline New York Express Brow 2-In-1 Pencil And Powder

This isn’t your ordinary brow pencil. The $10 formula contains a waxy pencil on one end to shape your brows and a soft powder on the other to fill them in.

Best eyebrow filler Maybelline New York Express Brow 2-In-1 Pencil And Powder

Thrive Causemetics Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel

Build bolder brows over time with this gel. Not only is the formula waterproof, smudge-proof, and long-lasting (it will stay on for up to 24 hours), it also gradually tints your eyebrows. So even when you’re not using products, your brows will look full and defined.

Best eyebrow filler Thrive Causemetics Instant Brow Fix Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel

Merit 1980 Volumizing Eyebrow Pomade Gel

Don’t have a lot of time? This pomade gel is about to become your holy grail. It delivers deep pigment payoff in just one swipe. The formula contains nourishing ingredients to help condition your brows but still sets them into place and gives them volume.

Best eyebrow filler Merit 1980 Volumizing Eyebrow Pomade Gel

Kosas Air Brow

Does the thought of crunchy brows make you cringe? Try the Kosas Air Brow, which has a mousse-like, airy formula that will give you soft, feathery brows. The lightweight formula contains conditioning ingredients like castor oil and vitamin B5 but still delivers a pretty pigment.

Best eyebrow filler Kosas Air Brow

Patrick Ta Major Brow Shaping Wax

If you find yourself lusting over laminated brows, you’ll want to try this brow wax. It has a strong hold to keep your brow hairs upright and feathered-out. But the formula also contains growth peptides, olive oil and glycerin to support healthy hair growth. Activate the wax with a setting spray, and then brush it through your brows.

Best eyebrow filler Patrick Ta Major Brow Shaping Wax

Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder

For a natural-looking brow, use this brow powder loved by editors everywhere. It softly fills in any sparse area on your brows without looking quite as harsh as a pencil. Added bonus: The formula is waterproof and lasts all day long.

Best eyebrow filler Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder

True + Luscious Brow Definer Pencil

You can’t beat a classic. This eyebrow pencil has a pigmented pomade-powder formula that’s completely foolproof — perfect for beginners and pros alike. It’s sweatproof and smudge-proof, and contains conditioning ingredients so your brows look and feel their best.

Best eyebrow filler True + Luscious Brow Definer Pencil

Glossier Brow Flick

TikTokers everywhere claim this pen is the best brow filler because of its microfine tip. It creates soft, feathery strokes that actually look like hair. It’s long-wearing, smudge-resistant and dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested.

Best eyebrow filler Glossier Brow Flick

Beautycounter Brilliant Brow Gel

This eyebrow gel is conditioning and clean. The flexible formula has a light hold for a natural finish and contains cocoa seed butter, shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil for soft, smooth brow hairs.

Best eyebrow filler Beautycounter Brilliant Brow Gel

Refy Beauty Brow Sculpt Shape and Hold Gel With Lamination Effect

Skip the lamination appointment and get this eyebrow filler instead. The wax-gel hybrid has a double-ended comb to brush hairs up and lock them into place. Your brows won’t budge until you take off your makeup for the night.

Best eyebrow filler Refy Beauty Brow Sculpt Shape and Hold Gel With Lamination Effect

Lime Crime Bushy Brow Pen

If you’re searching for the best brow product for beginners, look no further than Lime Crime’s Bushy Brow Pen. It creates sheer, feathery flicks that are nearly undetectable, which allows you to build up the intensity to your liking.

Best eyebrow filler Lime Crime Bushy Brow Pen
Photo: Melissa San-Vicente Landestoy

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