Eyebrow Grooming Mistakes Your Brow Technician Wishes You’d Stop Making

July 15, 2020
Sarah Ferguson
By: Sarah Ferguson | Makeup.com by L'Oréal

Shaping and maintaining your brows can be a journey — especially if you’re someone who was a little too heavy-handed with the tweezers once upon a time (*raises hands*). When you find a great brow technician, they’ll likely develop a plan to help you achieve the full, flawlessly-shaped brows of your dreams and keep them that way. It can be tempting to do some at-home grooming in between appointments, but if you go a little too far, you risk derailing the entire mission. To avoid a lecture from your brow technician, we asked Joey Healy, pro eyebrow specialist, about the common mistakes he sees clients make and what to do instead for your best brows ever. 

Brow Grooming Mistake: Doing Too Much At-Home Maintenance

“You really want to keep your maintenance to just that — maintenance,” says Healy. “Target the obvious strays in between the brows and the ones that are really below the line of the brow.” He doesn’t advise attempting to shape your arch or taper your tail. “Cut into the line too much, and it will be to your detriment,” he says. 

Brow Grooming Mistake: Not Being Consistent With Grooming Methods

“Consistency is key when it comes to achieving great eyebrows,” says Healy. “So pick a method and stick to it. That also means picking a technician who you stick with as well.” Of all the brow-grooming techniques, Healy prefers tweezing because it affords the most control. 

Brow Grooming Mistake: Waiting Too Long in Between Appointments 

Depending on how fast your brows grow, Healy recommends getting them professionally groomed every four to six weeks. “Four weeks is great if you don’t do any maintenance and you really want to leave them in the hands of a professional. Six weeks can be a good option if you feel comfortable with light maintenance and you’ve learned how to use eyebrow products,” he says. 

If you can’t get to your brow technician within that time frame (COVID-19, anyone?) and you need to do some at-home maintenance, Healy suggests taking advantage of tutorials online so you’re not going at it blindly. The brow pro offers his own on IGTV, as well as virtual appointments. “They’re highly personalized and they’re uniquely crafted for your own eyebrows,” he says. 

Photo: Chanute Vaughn

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