How the Powder Brow Technique Can Help You Get Your Dream Brows

October 16, 2023
Ariel Wodarcyk
By: Ariel Wodarcyk | by L'Oréal
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From lip blushing to microblading, nano blading and permanent eyeliner, there are more cosmetic tattooing techniques than ever now to help you wake up looking and feeling your best. Today, we’re talking about powder brows, which are quickly becoming Amy Kernahan's, CEO and owner of a|k Studio, favorite permanent eyebrow technique. “[Powder brows] age beautifully in the skin, and are so versatile for all skin types,” she says. 


Below, find out everything you need to know about powder brows, including how the technique is performed and ways to help speed up the healing process of your fluffy new brows.

What Are Powder Brows?

While microblading adds small, hair-like strokes to the skin, powder brows (which are also known as microshading) are done by “adding pixels of color to create a soft shading effect,” explains Kernahan. “Powder brows are created with micropigmentation, and the technique is done by ‘scattering’ the pigment lightly across the skin for a very soft brow style.” 

Think of the way your brows look when you fill them in lightly with a cosmetic powder — the effect is feathery, soft and natural-looking. “Pigment saturation can be customized for the desired design style of the client,” adds Kernahan, so you don’t need to worry about your new brows turning out too harsh. 

Who Should Get Powder Brows?

Powder brows are a versatile and flattering technique that will work for all skin tones and hair colors, says Kernahan. Unlike microblading, which she doesn't recommend for oily or mature skin types, powder brows are a great choice for all skin types.

How Long Do Powder Brows Last?

Powder brows are a form of cosmetic tattooing, so you can expect them to last 10 or more years, “depending on saturation level,” says Kernahan. Touch-ups are to be expected every few years — the pigments will naturally start to fade due to sweat, sebum and the frequency with which you wash your face. 

How to Care for Powder Brows

Kernahan sends her clients home with a gentle, antimicrobial hydrosol and instructs them to apply the solution to their brows morning and night for seven days post-treatment. “To minimize redness and peeling, I do sometimes recommend using a small amount of hydrocortisone on the treatment area for my extra sensitive clients but typically, redness only lasts a day and peeling is slight,” she says. 

You’ll want to avoid exfoliating, picking at or applying harsh cleansers to the area. Additionally, it’s best to avoid the sun, saltwater and chlorine for seven days. If you’re concerned about the way your powder brows are healing, don’t be afraid to reach out to your artist or a board-certified dermatologist. 

Photographer: Chaunte Vaughn

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