5 Beauty Blogs and Accounts We’re Currently Obsessed With

May 26, 2020
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | Makeup.com by L'Oréal

In 2020, beauty blogs come in all different forms. From Instagram, YouTube and personal websites, there are a ton of beauty bloggers out there who are giving us fun information about buzzy products, honest reviews and advice about all things beauty. These are our current favorite bloggers that you won’t regret hitting that follow button on.


For all of your beauty product reviews and recommendations, head over to editorialbeauty.com. There,  you’ll find information about all kinds of makeup and skin-care products, such as its uses, personal thoughts and swatches. And if that’s not enough, the @editorialbeauty Instagram page offers beautiful snapshots of buzzy products with tips and tricks about them written in the captions.

@Desi Perkins


We live for Desi Perkins and all of her beauty content. Whether it’s an Instagram photo showing off a snatched yet wearable makeup look or a creative video that makes you feel like you’re watching a whole movie instead of a makeup tutorial, her creativity and skills are seriously unmatched. Hitting the follow button also means you’ll get a dose of her witty humor with a side of (occasional) cute puppy content. She’s the makeup blogger/vlogger that will make you feel like you’re two friends after following her because she’s so relatable and extremely talented. 

@Jackie Aina


While her bio might vaguely say, “I make videos,” don’t be fooled because those videos have amassed millions of views — and for good reason. Whether it’s figuring out how to get rid of dry skin, showing new foundation application techniques or explaining why you shouldn’t touch a black woman’s hair, she offers a wealth of information in the form of fun YouTube videos.

@Rowi Singh


Scrolling through Rowi Singh’s Instagram is like getting lost in an ethereal beauty lookbook filled with the makeup looks you dream about but never actually attempt. Her makeup creations are actual pieces of art that will take your breath away upon first glance. The best part is that she takes her colorful and punchy looks and makes video tutorials on YouTube, so you can DIY.



Looking for a quick review? Gelcream has got you covered. She is the hidden voice of the industry giving honest reviews of buzzy products and trends via beautiful imagery on Instagram. From fragrances and lipsticks to birth control and chocolate, we trust her honest thoughts about what to put on your skin and vanity through and through.

Photo Courtesy Of: @editionalbeauty

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