3 Classic Eyeliner Looks to Recreate With Lancôme's New Idôle Liner

March 31, 2022
Ariel Wodarcyk
By: Ariel Wodarcyk | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Lancôme Idôle Liquid Liner Review

Anyone who loves black liquid liner knows that not all formulas are created equal. It’s important to find one that’s highly pigmented, has a fine enough tip to create super precise wings and intricate graphic eyeliner, doesn’t skip or drag across the skin and has major staying power. For me, the Lancôme Idôle Liner checks all those boxes. The thin, flexible pen tip makes it easy to draw the liner right along my lash line, and the smudge-proof, waterproof finish lasts for up to 24 hours. To see how I used this liquid liner to create a classic cat-eye, a smoky eye and an exaggerated lower lash line, keep reading.

Lancôme Idôle Liner

Winged Eyeliner Using the Lancôme Idôle Liner

Like most people, my go-to look when using a liquid liner is a cat-eye, so I decided to test how easy it was to create using the Lancôme Idôle Liner. I have slightly hooded lids, so some liners will smudge on me before I even finish evening out my wings. Luckily, this one sets very quickly, so I didn’t notice any smudging during or after application. It was inky black and lasted all night — even without any eyeshadow primer underneath.

person wearing winged eyeliner

Smoky Eye Using the Lancôme Idôle Liner

To create this grunge-y smoky eye, I started by packing a matte brown shadow all over my lids using a flat brush. To soften the color, I blended it out using bronzer and a small fluffy brush in my crease. Next, I created a thick line using the Lancôme Idôle Liner and smudged that out with a mixture of black and dark brown eyeshadow. I would never normally use a liquid liner as a base for a smoky eye, as pencils are better for smudging, but this one was great for adding depth and dimension. Once I finished adding the dark shadow, I went in with the liquid liner once more, this time painting on a very thin line. To open up my eyes and add more drama, I gave my lashes several coats of the Lancôme Lash Idôle Mascara. I finished off the look with a peachy blush and my current favorite nude lip combo: the Makeup by Mario Ultra Suede Sculpting Lip Pencil in Hugh with a dab of the Freck Beauty Cheekslime in Cuffed in the center.
person wearing smokey eye makeup

Dramatic Lower Lash Line Using the Lancôme Idôle Liner

One of the quickest ways to create a wide-open, doe-eyed effect is to draw on extra lower lashes using a liquid eyeliner. The ultra-fine tip on this eyeliner  made it easy for me to draw small, hairlike strokes underneath my natural lower lashes to make them appear fuller and more dramatic. Paired with falsies on the top lash line, my eyes looked huge.
person wearing eyeliner on lower lash line

Photos: Ariel Wodarcyk, Design: Juliana Campisi

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