How to Apply Tinted Moisturizer for a Dewy, Radiant Glow

November 05, 2021
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
everything you need to know about tinted moisturizer

We love using BB creams, CC creams and foundations, but on days when we want our makeup routine to be quick, low-key and super natural-looking, a tinted moisturizer is our go-to. Tinted moisturizer formulas provide sheer, light coverage that’s perfect for the no-makeup makeup look

"Tinted moisturizers are great for a more casual finish — kind of like wearing your favorite pair of jeans," says Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani celebrity makeup artist . "They're easier to work with because they're more sheer, they have a lightweight texture, they usually have an SPF benefit and they're more portable because they usually come in a tube." To learn more about the best tips for a flawless tinted moisturizer application, read on for Quinn’s expert advice.  

Cater to Your Skin Type, Not Tone

Because tinted moisturizers tend to have a sheer formula, choose one based on your skin type rather than your skin tone. For example, if you're prone to breakouts, seek out an oil-free formula.

Ditch the Brush 

Tinted moisturizers are like hydrating lotions. Skip the makeup sponge or brush and apply the formula evenly onto your skin using your fingertips. "Take a small amount and blend from the center of the face out, much like you would apply a daytime moisturizer," says Quinn. If you need more coverage in certain areas, add a light touch of concealer and blend (with your fingers) to give your skin a smooth appearance.

Skip the Powder

Although you may be tempted to set the look with a finishing powder, we highly recommend resisting the urge. The point of tinted moisturizer is to look like you're not made up, so embrace the radiant finish. "Powder is definitely a no-no," says Quinn. "It's all about the glowing skin." If you can’t skip out on the setting step, we recommend spritzing a setting spray like the Dermablend Lock and Last Water-Resistant Setting Spray. It helps keep your makeup in place while still offering a dewy, glowing finish.


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