7 Beauty Products That Help Fade Dark Spots Fast

November 09, 2018
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With glass skin makeup looks and flawless, naturally glowy skin more popular than ever, it can be difficult to achieve the look you want when you’re having skin issues. And while well placed concealer can often do the trick, some skin concerns are better handled using skin care designed to fade and lessen the appearance of spots altogether. Before we get into the products that will help you achieve a more even tone, we tapped New York City dermatologist Dr. Kristina Goldenberg to find out why hyperpigmentation happens in the first place and what you can do to ensure you don’t create additional blemishes.

According to Dr. Goldenberg, dark marks on the skin may occur because of sun exposure, hormones, inflammation or a cocktail of the three. And while some people are genetically predisposed to dark marks, certain foods, skin care and ever birth control can make it worse. To avoid additional hyperpigmentation, Dr. Goldenberg recommends consistently wearing a good sunscreen, even during the winter.

Now that you know why hyperpigmentation occurs and how to prevent it (read: apply more sunscreen), read on to discover the products designed to make dark marks disappear.

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