There’s nothing quite like the euphoria that comes from getting a professional blowout. Stylists have this way of working voodoo on our locks. And afterwards, every strand behaves and shape  shifts into a silky, bouncy dream.

Until recently, it seemed this mysterious hair trickery just couldn’t be replicated at home. Trust us, we tried. We watched every tutorial, tested every product and struggled tirelessly with our hair dryers, only to be left with a messy mane and tracks of tears.

This tangled web of failed attempts left us feeling, dare we say, hopeless about blow drying. That is until Kérastase sent us a bottle of their latest creation to test: L’Incroyable Blowdry. Designed to deliver the perfect salon-quality blowout, we knew we had to see it to believe it. And see we did. After just one test-run, we were convinced of its styling prowess … and we’re a tough crowd! Read on to find out why this potion lotion instantly put a spell on us.

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Its Smoothness Factor Will Become Your New ‘It’ Factor

Believe us when we say your DIY blowout will never be the same. Just work this cream into damp, towel-dried hair and blow dry as you normally would (if you need some pointers, follow this tutorial). L’Incroyable’s proprietary technology allows for an easier styling experience so that your hair shapes easily, regardless of whether you’re using a barrel brush or a paddle. Your days of yanking hair out of the blow dryer nozzle are over! The end result is smoother, silkier strands that just may turn heads.

It’s Foolproof for Us Mere Humans

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we shape or style our hair wrong, and we end up looking more beauty pageant queen than effortlessly chic. It happens. But L’Incroyable compensates for our humanness and makes reworking your hairstyle a breeze. Really though, you won’t need to reapply or rewash your locks. Just go about styling the right way and watch those strands bend to your every wish, er, brush.

Its Memory Puts Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress to Shame

Oh, and did we mention that this magical formula holds your style for up to 96 hours? Bedhead, rigorous workouts and the dreaded ponytail dent are no match for this product. L’Incroyable contains special “shape-memory” ingredients that reinforce your blowout and return it to its touchable, beautiful state. Simply re-style as desired (no reapplication needed) and go about your business. Frizz and stiffness will never get you down again. Praise!

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