Ashley Rebecca Dec 10, 2014

We love hearing from our panel of beauty pros about the latest and greatest beauty tricks. Today, we're lucky enough to hear from New York-based makeup artist Ashley Rebecca on how to apply faux lashes like a pro!

Eyelashes. Everyone wants them, but very few people get the triple threat of length, volume and curl. While mascara is an ideal everyday option for giving your lashes a much-needed boost, sometimes a girl needs to bring in the big guns. Enter faux lashes. These artificial add-ons are not always the easiest to apply. So what's a girl to do? Check out my pro tips on wearing false eyelashes that anyone can pull off:

false lashes
1. Go Natural

First thing's first. While it's fun to create dramatic makeup looks, when shopping for false eyelashes you want to make sure you choose ones that appear more natural, versus lashes that are over the top. The ideal ones to purchase are those that are more wispy, with natural spacing in between each eyelash. Try NYX Cosmetics Fabulous Lashes in Breeze.

2. All-Day Application

A great tip for ensuring all-day wear is to get the lash glue on the entire lash strip before applying. Prior to glue application, fit the strip to your eye and ensure it works with your shape. Always remember that the shorter lashes go toward the inner eye, and longer lashes should go toward the outer eye. If necessary, trim the strip so that it fits your eye perfectly. Apply a light coat of mascara to your natural eyelashes, then take a bobby pin and put some lash glue on it (preferably one that dries black). Use the end of the pin to apply glue to the base strip of the lash. This will spread glue evenly without making a mess. Apply the strip to your lash line so that it fuses with your natural lashes.

3. Don't Forget Mascara!

Once the lashes have dried, go ahead and apply another coat of mascara to the false eyelashes. This will give them a little more definition and help them blend in with your natural lashes. Don't go overboard with the mascara, as you want to avoid clumping.

What are your favorite ways to wear false eyelashes? Let us know in the comments below!



About the Author:Ashley is a New York City-based makeup artist with a robust list of editorial and celebrity clients.

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