Jul 30, 2013
the best beauty blogs Our name is Team MDC, and we are blogaholics. Served straight up, with a twist, or on the rocks, we just cannot get enough of our beloved beauty blogs. While we always remain true to our favorites, we love that our list of inspiration sources is ever-changing thanks to fresh crops of bloggers popping up daily. And because we’re so good at sharing (passed Kindergarten with three gold stars), today we’re divulging the five beauty blogs we can’t stop reading right this minute.  beauty banter by sarah howard A comprehensive collection of trends, tips, and product posts make up one of our favorite beauty destinations created by industry insider Sarah Howard. With a fresh, clean aesthetic and a sassy voice, Beauty Banter always adds extra products to our shopping list. Great Reads: “Beach Hair: 3 Ways;” ”Under $10: BB Creams  she's in the glow A beautiful blog by Anabel Atkinson, She’s in the Glow offers an intoxicating mix of high-quality, original images, personal musings, tutorials and product fixations. Come for inspiration, and leave thinking that you also just have to have that lipstick Anabel was raving about. Great Reads: Travel Beauty Essentials: Daytime;” “Givenchy Inspired Eyes  beauty is boring blog Brimming with Polaroids of stunning models and offbeat inspiration, Beauty is Boring is the cool girl’s answer to beauty blogging. Created by makeup artist and photographer Robin Black, this site is our destination for inspiration that challenges the norms of beauty and makes us think twice. Great Reads: Let Them Eat Cake… Breanna Box;” 1959… Jodie Smith If you’re ever in need of a mood-boosting blog to visit, MaskCara is your destination. Cara Brook serves her clever tips and makeovers with a major helping of positivity and happiness that always leaves us smiling. Visit for an approachable take on beauty that aims to prove all women just how beautiful they are (you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy already right?). Great Reads: Makeover Monday and a Catastrophe;” “In the Hood Created by internationally regarded makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, this blog is our source for video tutorials with a professional and thoughtful take. We appreciate Eldrige’s thorough explanations and glossy production value, and always leave feeling educated. Great Reads: Summer in the City: Heat-Proof Makeup Tutorial;” “How to Make Thin or Uneven Lips Look Fuller”   Did any of your favorite beauty blogs the list? Share your top 5 with us below in the comments! Photos: Thinkstock; She’s in the Glow; Beauty Banter; Lisa Eldridge; MaskCara; Beauty is Boring


About the Author:Our goal is to create a beauty experience that’s personalized, educational and, most of all, fun.

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