The Best LGBTQ+ Beauty Influencers to Follow on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube

February 02, 2021
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10 LGBTQ+ Makeup Bloggers Who Are Slaying the Game

When we’re scrolling through our fave beauty accounts on social media, we’re often so focused on the stunning makeup looks that we forget about the actual artists creating them and what they mean to their followers and subscribers. This can be especially true for LGBTQ+ beauty influencers on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube, who inspire and uplift so many by sharing their stories and, of course, through their work. Here, we’re sharing 9 of our favorite LGBTQ+ content creators you’re going to want to follow, ASAP. 


For unsolicited (yet totally welcome) skin-care advice, subscribe to Hyram’s TikTok account like, now. He’s always sharing what products to buy (he’s a huge CeraVe fan!) and has dedicated his account to helping followers get their skin-care routines in check. If you’re lucky, he may even duet your skin-care routine. 

Bretman Rock 

For a mix of skin, makeup, lifestyle and getting ready content, follow Bretman Rock on Instagram and Youtube. He’s an extremely talented makeup artist, has a great sense of humor and fabulous hair.


Glamazontay’s YouTube channel is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle destination. She does everything from hair tutorials to outfit hauls and has enough GRWMs to help you slay for months on end. Watching her videos is basically like hanging out with one of your friends.

James Charles

Oh, James Charles. He’s known for his whimsical glam makeup tutorials, iconic YouTuber collabs and huge community of sisters. Plus, he’s wildly entertaining. Definitely worth a follow, but don’t blame us if you get a little bit addicted.

Patrick Starr

If you’re not already following Patrick Starr, who’s an amazing content creator and founder of the new beauty brand One Size, now is definitely the time to subscribe. Not only does he have a bright and bubbly personality, he also produces movie-quality videos that are mesmerizing to watch. He’s also known for creating over-the-top drag makeup.

Gigi Gorgeous

An OG YouTuber, Gigi has been delivering makeup videos and challenges for years. She’s documented everything from her favorite beauty products to her transition with the support of her followers all the way.

Julie Vu

Not only is Julie Vu talented at slaying a smoky eye, she also gets real on her channel about everything she’s going through. As a trans woman, Julie has shared her transition from the beginning and continues to inspire people with her honesty. Go for the beauty tutorials (her perfect wand curls tutorial comes to mind) and stay for the funny challenges and informative videos about transitioning.

Jazmina Daniel

The queen of lip art, you’ve likely seen her lip looks floating around your Instagram feed. She’s recreated everything from iconic works of art to album cover artwork. She’s also incredibly fashionable.

Photo: @glamazontay

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