Eyebrows. Whether you prefer to keep yours au naturel or take them to Cara Delevingne status with pencil, gel and powder, they've emerged as one of the biggest beauty trends of the past year. One of the trickiest things in makeup application can be to master the shape of the perfect brow. The key to finding the perfect frame for your peepers? Your face shape. Below is our ultimate guide to the best eyebrows for your unique face shape:

best eyebrow face shape

Oval: For this particular shape it is important not to have too high of an arch when it comes to your brows. Brows should be almost straight-across with extremely minimal arch that's soft and angled; this will  bring balance to a longer-shaped face.

Round: Most people with a round face shape tend to want to elongate their face. Don't be afraid of creating a higher angled arch, since having half-moon brows will actually make your face appear more round.

Long: If you have a longer face, giving the brows more of a horizontal, lined shape can help make your face look softer and more rounded. Avoid over-enhancing the arch; this will give the illusion of an even-longer face.

Square: With square face shapes, the jawline is usually the most prominent facial feature. Focusing on angling the brow  at the arch can balance out the jawline and give it a softer edge.

A softly curved eyebrow shape is best for diamond-shaped faces because it will make the widest part of the face (your cheekbones) appear narrower. Following the natural curve of your brow bone is best when shaping your brows.

If your forehead tends to be more wide and come to a point at your chin, focus on creating a natural, arched brow and slowly adding volume as you go. This way, you'll take more focus off the width of your forehead and your brows will be more in balance with your chin.

What are some of your favorite tips for perfectly shaped brows? Sound off in the comments below!

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