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Tricks for Mastering the Daytime Red Lip

For decades (and maybe since the beginning of time), red lipstick has been the tried-and-true go-to color for any formal evening occasion. From glitzy cocktail attire to the LBD, ruby lips seem to work for any nighttime ensemble. Lately, however, we’ve been seeing the red lip show up for many a pre-cocktail hour events — and we love it! We hate the idea of limiting something so fabulous as red lipstick to nighttime activities, so we wanted to share some tricks on how to master this look while the sun is out.

daytime red lip
Trick #1.  Make it your “pop of color.”
Daytime makeup is often minimal as we like to keep our mugs fresh and simple as we run errands and go about our day. Blush is light and natural and our faces are typically limited to BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Brighten up and add a little pep in your step (and your face) by swiping on some ruby red lip color and see if you don’t feel an instant boost in energy and confidence. Try a fun cherry red shade like L’Oréal Paris Infallible Le Rouge in Refined Ruby.

Trick #2. Throw it on an understated outfit.
Confining red lipstick to fancy shmancy dresses is just wrong. No one puts Baby in a corner! Step up an otherwise bland ensemble — like a plain white tee and jeans or a chunky sweater and leggings combo — with some bright red lips and watch your daytime outfit go from “blah” to “tres chic” instantly.

Trick #3. Don’t color coordinate.
Matching can be overrated, especially when it comes to red lips. Don’t feel you need to pair your lip color with an outfit of a similar color scheme. An unexpected pout is the best kind, especially with the neutral and earthy tones of fall and all the fun eclectic textures and patterns. Navy, emeralds, grays, leopard print, houndstooth — the possibilities are endless when it comes to complementing red lips. Just do it.

Trick #4. Think outside the “matte red” box.
The beauty of red lips is there are so many shades and textures to play with. From vibrant coral to deep cranberry, you have a range of colors to choose from and play with. You can also go the playful route when rocking the daytime red by going the glossy route. Try a fun, dewy shade like Lancôme Paris La Laque Fever in Scarlette and channel your inner 12-year-old.

Trick #5. Be confident.
The key to wearing any type of statement lip color is confidence. If you are uncomfortable or unsure about your makeup (or self), it shows. So, when you’re wearing that ruby red lip color, make sure to pair with a smile and lift that head high. A confident woman is a beautiful woman.

What are your secrets to rocking the daytime red lip? Spill in the comments below. 

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