Angela Melero May 31, 2016

They say green eyes are the rarest of all the eye colors. According to science this is because a number of factors have to come together like a perfect storm—something about stromas and melanin—for green eyes to come to fruition. This is probably why emerald-eyed beauties are such a hot commodity and why they’re the subject of serious envy.

To honor green-eyed women everywhere, we found an eye shadow palette made especially for them. Check out this ethereal look created in-house, courtesy of makeup wizard Emily Oliver, and learn how to make your eyes glow. 


Step 1: Prime the lids and apply a soft lilac shade to the lid and lower lash line.

Step 2: Line the upper lid with a black pencil eyeliner. Make sure the line is thin and subtle.

Step 3: Pat on a rusty orange shadow to the center of the lid and the outer corners of the eye. Blend it outward very well.

GET THE LOOK: Urban Decay UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded


Photo: Jessica Schram

Makeup: Emily Oliver

Model: Alyssa Lumpee



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