As much as we’d love to cast our concerns aside and say we’ll worry about wrinkles when the time comes, aging doesn’t exactly work that way. The skin sins you commit now may not visibly wreak havoc on your skin quite yet, but as anyone who believes in karma knows: What goes around comes around. Yes, repeated days spent soaking up the sun sans SPF definitely contribute to wrinkles, but we’ve also come across a few lesser-known wrinkle-inducing habits you may not have on your radar just yet. Consider yourself warned!


1. Sleeping on your side:
Recent studies have shown that certain sleep positions can contribute to “night lines.” These aren’t the same ones that show up after a really hard sleep and dissipate throughout the morning. These more permanent wrinkles occur after sleeping the same way for a prolonged period of time, adding stress from the pillow or bed to your face. The only way to fully combat this is to train yourself to sleep on your back, but if you can’t commit to that, it helps to at least switch up your sleep position when possible. Also, put on your armor — night cream — before you hit the hay and combat those pesky wrinkles while you catch some Zs. We recommend L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Cream.

2. Driving without protection:
Nope, unfortunately your car windows (or any other windows, for that matter) won’t prevent all the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating your skin. Wearing sunscreen any time you’re on the go is the best way to fully protect yourself. Mix a dime-sized dollop of SPF (like Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+) in your daily moisturizer to make sure your skin’s health is kept in check.

3. Over-washing your face:
Ah, too much of a good thing, right? Over-washing, or washing your face too roughly can also put stress on your skin and lead to wrinkles over time. Make sure to take it easy with the cleansing, and always wash your face the right way (consider this when removing makeup, too!).

4. Repeating facial expressions:
It seems a bit extreme, but there is some truth to the age-old advice that if you make a certain expression, your face will get stuck that way. This is because repeatedly straining your face, like pursing your lips or squinting your eyes, can show up around your lips and eyes over time. But hey, if it’s laugh lines you’ve got, those are the best wrinkles to have, in our opinion.

Have you heard of any other wrinkle-causing habits? Share yours with us below.

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