Teasylights Are the Low-Maintenance Hair Color Trend You Need to Try

September 29, 2023
Jordan Julian
By: Jordan Julian | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Back of the head of a person with long hair and highlights

Experimenting with hair dye can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never colored your hair before. Your natural color will eventually grow back, but the possibility of a bad dye job in the form of streakiness or brassy tones can be terrifying. That doesn’t mean you should be scared away from taking the plunge, though. If you’re looking to change up your look but want to play it safe, consider asking your stylist about teasylights. Teasylights are a hair coloring technique that offers natural-looking highlights and a seamless blend from dark to light tones. Plus, it’s easy to maintain. Ahead, we tapped Matrix artistic director Nick Stenson and colorist and founder of Nous Haircare Tylor Johnson to learn more about this hair color technique. 

What Are Teasylights?

“Teasylights are a method of highlighting that involves teasing individual sections of hair to create a visible softening effect on the hair that lives nearest to the scalp,” says Stenson. Then, you “bleach the parts of the hair that are not in the tease to get a natural, diffused and sun-kissed look,” says Johnson. “It’s a play on the frosted hair color trend from last fall.” 

Aside from the teasing step, you may be wondering how teasylights differ from traditional highlights. “The difference between teasylights and regular highlights is that when you do a regular highlight, you take it all the way up to the root of the hair in a strategic and repetitive pattern,” Johnson explains. “However, with a teasylight you do not take it all the way up to the root of the hair and you can have more fun with it to really accent the face and hair color.”

Teasylights are a great option for someone who wants to lighten their hair while still keeping things low maintenance and natural-looking. Stenson explains that teasing the hair helps to make the change from dark to light strands less noticeable or harsh, offering a more seamless blend than a balayage. Ultimately, as Redken brand ambassador and celebrity stylist Ryan Pearl told Hair.com, this look is great because it can be customized to any hair color, type or texture.   

If you’re sold on the concept of teasylights and ready to book your appointment, “Pearl recommends asking your colorist for a foilyage technique to get a more precise color.”

Teasylights vs. Babylights: What's the Difference?

You may have heard of babylights, which are another way to dip your toes into the waters of getting highlights without fully committing. But babylights differ from teasylights in the color application technique used. “The difference between teasylights and babylights is similar to [the difference between] highlights and teasylights,” says Johnson. “Babylights are when you take small sections of the hair to bleach to create a semi-diffused look, but you’re still bringing the highlights all the way up to the root of the hair. As mentioned, teasylights are more creative and a fully diffused look.” Johnson notes that teasing the hair first in the teasylights technique lends itself to more creative results. 

What Are Some Things to Consider Before Getting Teasylights?

“You’ll want to consider what kind of effect you’re looking for with your highlight,” says Stenson. If you like a very diffused highlight that blends effortlessly, teasylights would be great for you. If you’re more into the chunky highlight trend, you might want to consider a different method. “It’s important to discuss the look you’re after with your stylist so that they can choose the techniques that are right for you,” says Stenson.  

How Long Do Teasylights Last?

Another pro of teasylights is that they don’t require as much upkeep as other kinds of highlights. According to Johnson, teasylights can last as long as six months to a full year depending on your natural hair color. “If you're a blonde, they typically last four to six months and if you’re a brunette or someone who wants a sun-kissed look and are okay with letting it grow out, they'll last you closer to a year,” she says. In the latter scenario, you may have to go into the salon for some face framing highlights and a gloss to keep your teasylights looking fresh throughout the year. 

How to Care for and Maintain Teasylights 

Because of how teasylights seamlessly grow out, it’s one of the more low maintenance hair color trends. As established above, your teasylights should allow you to go a long time between highlights appointments. That being said, Stenson says that because you’re still lightening the hair, you’ll want to discuss a regular treatment regimen with your stylist to help maintain the health of your hair. Johnson also recommends getting a professional gloss treatment between coloring sessions.  

Additionally, Stenson recommends adding a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to your hair-care regimen to upkeep your style in between appointments. “The Matrix Total Results So Silver or Brass Off Shampoos are a great option to reduce natural warmth that may resurface overtime,” he says. “So Silver is great to reduce yellow and Brass Off reduces any orange.” If your hair color skews more blonde, you’ll want to use So Silver and Brass Off is a great option for brunettes.  

Matrix Brass Off Shampoo

If you’re looking for a drugstore option, we like the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with antioxidants and UV filters, this shampoo-conditioner combo helps protect your hair color from fading and promotes a shiny, vibrant finish.  

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Shampoo

Teasylights Instagram Inspiration

Brunette Teasylights

As shown in this photo, teasylights are the perfect way to add a subtle dose of warmth and depth to brunette hair.

Blonde Teasylights

If you already have a light blonde base color, teasylights can be used to refresh your ends and add pops of brightness for a natural-looking sun-kissed effect. 

Teasylights With Babylights

This hair stylist based in Canada combined both teasylights and babylights to boost the brightness of this look.   

Cowgirl Copper Teasylights

Cowgirl or cowboy copper is already poised to become the biggest hair color trend of the fall. The warm red shade is enhanced and given dimension by teasylights. 

Photo: Janelle Perillo, Design: Juliana Campisi

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