5 Overnight Hairstyle Hacks to Save Time in the Morning

March 23, 2020
By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
5 Overnight Hairstyle Hacks to Save Time in the Morning

Taming a bad case of bedhead in the morning can be both tricky and time consuming (especially when you're already running late). To stop knots and tangles in their tracks, we’ve tried our fair share of sleep-time hairstyles, from the silk pillowcase to the blow-dry preserving bun. And spoiler alert, styling your hair a certain way before you hit the sheets can actually make a world of difference come morning. To find out how you should style your hair type before you catch some zzz’s read on, because we're rounding up our favorite overnight hairstyle hacks. 

Overnight Hairstyle #1: Sock Curls for Medium-Length Hair

Overnight sock curls are officially a thing, and we promise you it’s worth testing. Hair and beauty vlogger Lysss Ryan created the easy-to-follow look in just a few steps. To start, split your hair into two sections and out of those sections, split each in half. In total, you should have four sections. Then, take a sock and one section of hair, wrap your hair around the sock and roll it upwards, toward the top of your head. Keep the hair secure by tying the ends of the sock together in a knot. Repeat this process with the following three sections. In the morning, gently roll the socks out of your hair and voila, gorgeous curls. (Pro tip: Add dry shampoo to your roots to add some volume and rub a small amount of styling cream through the curls.)

Overnight Hairstyle #2: Bantu Knots for Short, Natural Hair 

Hair vlogger Jaleesa Moses sleeps with her natural hair in four simple bantu knots to get gorgeous curls sans the heat. Here’s what to do: Split your hair into four sections and secure each section with a hair elastic. For the two front sections, twist your hair towards the back of your head as high up as possible. Once twisted, wrap the hair in circles to create a small mini bun. Secure the knot with a hair elastic and repeat with the second front hair section. For the back two sections, you’ll want to twist the hair in a forward motion. Use a stocking or silk scarf to protect your hair while you sleep. In the morning, carefully untwist the four knots. Take a comb and tease your hair, paying the most attention to the back of your hair. Finish with hairspray.

Overnight Hairstyle #3: Headband Waves for Medium Hair 

Using a normal fabric headband you can create soft, pretty waves overnight with this hair hack from Luxy Hair. Start by placing two headbands over the crown of your head. If a bump occurs, pull your hair down to ensure that it’s flat. Next, spray the area below the headband with a bottle of water to make your hair damp. Now, just twist your hair and weave it through the headband. Spray everything with hairspray and enjoy your night’s sleep. In the morning, slowly unwrap the two sections, with the headband on. Once you remove the headband and add some texturizing cream, you’re good to go.

Overnight Hairstyle #4: Hair Donuts for Long, Thin Hair 

Hair donuts can be used for more than just perfectly shaped hair buns. Just check out this trick for voluminous curls from hair vlogger Nee from Bebexo. She starts by tying her dry hair into a high ponytail that’s secured at the crown of her head. Then, using a hair donut (you can use a sock, too) she pulls her ponytail through the hole in the center. Next, she divides her hair into two, equal sections. Start looping a section of your hair through the bottom of the bun and back up through the top until all of your hair is wrapped around the donut. In the morning, just unravel the donut and take out your hair elastic.

Overnight Hairstyle #5: Twist Braid for Long, Thick Hair 

Beauty vlogger >Vivian V creates a wavy hair look with a twist braid style that is actually cute enough to wear outside of your bedroom. Start with slightly damp hair and split your hair into two sections, one on each side of your head. For each section, you’re going to split the hair into two pieces and start twisting them together, one over the other. With every twist, grab more hair from the root, similar to how you would integrate hair for a French braid. Keep repeating this process until you reach the base of your neck. When there aren’t any layers left to add, twist the braid into a bun and secure with a hair elastic. Be sure that the bun is very tight. The next morning, gently take the twist braids out and use your hands to separate the waves.