Fall Hairstyle Trends to Recreate Right Now

August 17, 2021
Caitlyn Martyn
By: Caitlyn Martyn | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
trendy fall hairstyles

Summer humidity can limit our hair styling options, so we’re already thinking about all of the looks we’re going to experiment with come fall. Feeling the same way? Grab your styling tools and some dry shampoo, because we’re sharing the trendiest fall hairstyles for 2021.

Feathered ’70s Look

Get the vintage-inspired look by dusting off your hot rollers. If you don’t have any, a blow dryer brush or a thick-barreled curling iron will do the trick, too. Either way, be sure to curl your hair away from your face for bouncy, luscious Farrah Fawcett-esque locks. Click here for a more in-depth feathered hair tutorial.


If you’re low maintenance when it comes to hair, this is the style for you. A claw clip is casual, chic and keeps your hair out of your face, making it an essential accessory to have when heading back to work or school.

Bold Shag

Make a statement this fall with a bold shag hairstyle. To maintain the layered look on your own at home, spritz some of the Garnier Fructis Style Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray onto your hair and tousle it a bit. The final result: voluminous, choppy waves.

Blunt Bangs

Change up your bangs this season by cutting them straight across your face. Not only does the blunt cut look super sleek, but it’s also incredibly easy to maintain. To keep greasiness at bay, keep a dry shampoo like the Matrix Total Results High Amplify Dry Shampoo on hand for touch ups throughout the day.

Bubble Tendrils

Channel Baby Spice and create fun tendrils to take your everyday look up a notch. For a bubble effect, separate a small section of hair and tie rubber bands around it about two inches apart from root to tip. Then, lightly tease the hair in between the rubber bands for a look that’s so ’00s.

Photo: @blovelyn

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