Crochet Hairstyle Tutorials That Are Super Easy to Follow

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On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most versatile, crochet braids are at the latter end of the spectrum. You can rock any style — from box braids to loose waves — using a crochet hook and a cornrow foundation. The look not only relieves tension from your scalp (IYKYK), but it also gives you the look of a protective style without hours of sectioning and twisting. Find our favorite easy-to-maintain crochet hairstyles, ahead. 

Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs are an effortless-looking style perfect for summer. The style uses water wave braiding hair for a low-maintenance, tousled take on regular locs. It also takes less of a toll on your scalp than regular locs, because the hair is so lightweight. To achieve butterfly locs on your own, follow along with YouTuber Crowned K’s beginner-friendly tutorial below.

Half Crochet, Half Feed-In

If braiding isn’t your strong suit, this tutorial is for you. Starting with self-described “struggle braids,” content creator Jarry The Worst uses her fingers rather than a hook to loop her full, voluminous goddess curls into the back of her hair. She prefers to use feed-in hair on the front of her head for a neater, sleeker look. Maintain the look with the Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repair + Protect Multi-Styling Milk.

Quick Box Braids 

Box braids can feel heavy, especially around your edges. That’s why YouTuber Sashie E TV crochets her hair “as close as possible to the box, but not to the box” once she plaits her natural hair. The whole style took her less than an hour to complete and her super-clean parts make it look like she used individual braids. The best part? You don’t need to know how to cornrow to create this look.

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists, also known as rope twists, look gorgeous in any length or thickness and lend themselves perfectly to accessorizing with charms, shells and rings. For the most natural look, YouTuber TheChicNatural starts by cornrowing all of her strands back, except for the sides, which she braids upwards. Doing this makes your twists look more realistic when they’re pulled into an updo.

Ultra-Realistic Natural Hair 

We’re not going to lie, Seun Okimi fooled us into thinking she was rocking her natural hair in the first minute of the video. Turns out, she’s just a whiz at installing hyper-realistic crochet hair. To start, she braids her hair straight back and stops halfway down her head. In the back, she connects two braids and continues plaiting them horizontally. Then, she installs small sections of 4C crochet hair.

Photo: Crowned K

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