With Halloween fast approaching, you’re probably already scouring the internet for a costume that doesn’t feel too popular (think Harley Quinn circa 2016), but also won’t have people guessing what you are the entire night. If you’re worried you’ll look like every girl traipsing around as Wonder Woman, then maybe you should put a twist on some old (and new) faves. We’ve rounded up seven makeup tutorials that turn “boy” costumes into makeup-friendly “anyone” costumes –– a foolproof way to stand out at your Halloween party/bar crawl/kickback, etc.



This super easy makeup look will turn you into Pennywise faster than you can say “Do you want to play a game?”




The Joker


Who said girls can’t be one of the greatest supervillians to ever live? This tutorial by Christen Dominique turns the classic Joker into a scary, sexy badass.



Scar From Lion King

If you can’t resist a good feline costume, give Scar from the Lion King a try. This tutorial takes a little more skill, but we promise it’s worth it.



Freddy Krueger


If you really want to scare your friends — and maybe yourself — give this Freddy Krueger tutorial a try. The best part? YouTuber Madeyewlook uses all drugstore products to achieve this insane look.





This drugstore-friendly, ‘sexy’ Chucky tutorial is way more impressive than a cat and probably just as easy.


The Mad Hatter

If you like to investigate things that start with the letter M, or have an obsession with all things Alice in Wonderland — try dressing up as the Mad Hatter this Halloween.




Jack Skellington


If you find yourself casually dusting off “Nightmare Before Christmas” in July, you should probably be Jack Skellington for Halloween. Just sayin.’ This black and white look is all about the shading — the perfect opportunity to brush up on those contouring skills.

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