10 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks to Try in 2022

August 10, 2022
Ariel Wodarcyk
By: Ariel Wodarcyk | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Person wearing blood drip eyeliner
If you know your Halloween weekend is going to be packed with multiple parties and costume changes, you might already be brainstorming all the exciting ways you can get creative with makeup. You can go classic, with witchy and horror-inspired looks, or modern and glam by embracing all things hot pink and face gems. Wherever your plans take you, here are 10 easy Halloween makeup tutorials to follow this year.

Doll-Like Glamour Makeup Tutorial

Full glam makeup lovers, this look is for you. In the video, makeup artist @paintedbyspencer demonstrates how he highlights, contours and adds tiny details like face gems and false lower lashes to achieve a doll-like glamour. Try the NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Lash! Vegan False Lashes for extra flair.

Deer Makeup Tutorial

Deer makeup may look complicated, but it’s actually surprisingly easy. To draw on big white dots like Daisy Marquez, we recommend using the NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. The chubby format makes drawing on each circle a cinch. For the black markings, use a black eyeliner or liquid lipstick with a brush.

Face Gems Makeup Tutorial

Face gems have been spotted everywhere, from popular TV shows to the faces of music festival attendees. While individual rhinestones aren’t too hard to glue on with a little practice, make the technique even easier by opting for glitzy stickers in fun shapes. We love this star-shaped set from Amazon.

Witch Makeup Tutorial

Black lipstick paired with a smoky eye lends itself to more than one Halloween costume. Depending on what outfit you pair it with, you can lean either witchy or goth. In this video, Alexandre Anele provides her tips for rocking a jet-black lip that lasts all night. We recommend picking up the NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie XXL Matte Liquid Lipstick in Naughty Noir for a vampy, smudge-proof lip. 

Fairy Makeup Tutorial

It doesn’t get much more ethereal than this sparkly, fairy-inspired makeup by @notty. A swipe of vibrant eyeshadow (we love the bold shades from the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Color Palette in Brights) and a scattering of sequins complete the look. For a wash of ethereal glitter, top off your eye look with the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Glow Shots, a liquid shadow that sparkles in the light.

Clown Makeup Tutorial

All your clown costume needs is a smoky eye, a bold lip and some carefully painted black liquid liner — spooky colored contacts optional. Just be sure to extend the corners of your mouth with a lip pencil for an extra creepy, clown-like touch.

’90s Horror Makeup Tutorial

While you’ll almost definitely need to pick up a blonde wig with bangs for this look, you should be able to complete the makeup using products you already own. Reach for a neutral eyeshadow palette, a matte foundation and a deep mauve lipstick, and you should be all set. Lock in your look with the NYX Professional Makeup Matte Setting Spray.

Medusa Makeup Tutorial

Fishnet tights aren’t just a wardrobe staple — they also come in clutch for creating scales for this enchanting Medusa-inspired look. Simply pull one leg of the fishnets over your head, then apply an eyeshadow of your choice on top using a fluffy brush. Once you take the tights off, you’ll reveal a diamond-shaped pattern. Bonus: This technique also works for mermaid costumes.

Grunge Makeup Tutorial

The more you can smudge your eye makeup, the better this grunge-y look will turn out. Try layering on the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero, then using your finger or a small detail brush to blend the color out across your top and bottom lash lines. Throw on an oversize plaid shirt, a slip dress and some combat boots to complete your costume.

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Vampire makeup is the perfect sultry-spooky mix for Halloween. Content creator Shonagh Scott uses fake blood for the drips near her mouth, but you can also paint them on using a berry-toned lip liner or lipstick in a pinch. We like the NYX Professional Makeup Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream in Chocolate Mousse. Prefer to emphasize your eyes? Try this cool blood drip eyeliner tutorial.

Photo: Aniyah Smith

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