In the age of contouring, strobing and root-stamping, it seems our standard, pat makeup processes are getting upgrades. Every five minutes, someone is discovering a new way to improve how we dress up our faces. The latest and greatest upgrade comes in the form of a concealer—more specifically, multiple concealers. Instead of using one uniform nude concealer to cover all of our skin concerns, beauty lovers have adopted color-correctors. Formulated in various vibrant shades of purple, green, yellow, orange, etc., each color tackles a specific skin concern and works to neutralize the area using fancy, strategic color theory (think of  those cool color wheels you played with in grade school).

Now we can go on all day about the hows and whys of color-correcting, but we’ve already done that here. Instead, today we’re just going to show you how and where exactly to apply your fancy multi-colored concealers to ensure you get your money’s worth. To help us execute this makeup map, we enlisted the help of makeup genius Emily Oliver.

Alright, Emily, show us how it’s done!

The Only Color Correcting Makeup Tutorials

Step 1: Apply face primer to your clean, makeup-free face.

Step 2: Apply color-correctors to the specific areas/regions they are designed to address. If you’re not sure what each color corrector does, here’s a quick rundown:

●      Green: Neutralizes redness and brightens. This color is best for covering acne and redness caused by irritation.

●      Purple: Balances out yellowness or uneven tone. This shade is great for old bruises or dull, sallow areas.

●      Pink: Lightens darkened areas like under-eye circles and acne scars.

●      Yellow: Hides blue and/or purple areas like broken capillaries, age spots and eyelids.

When applying a creamy, thicker formula, warm up the fingers by rubbing them together prior to applying your color correctors. If using fluid/liquid-based concealers, apply using a brush or cosmetic sponge (like the NYX Flawless Finish Blending Sponge). For a full guide to color correctors, read this.

Step 3: Blend out your color corrector gently, using a makeup sponge. 

Step 4: After the concealer is blended in well, proceed to applying your regular foundation.

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The Only Color Correcting Makeup Tutorial You Need


Do you use color-correcting makeup? Tell us your favorite concealing trick in the comments below!

Photo: Jessica Schramm

Makeup: Emily Oliver

Model: Alyssa Lumpee

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