It’s the first day of October and we are wasting no time preparing for one of our favorite holidays: Halloween! We love that there’s a designated day for experimenting with crazy makeup looks and going as off-the-wall (or scary) as we want. These days, there’s an undeniable zombie trend taking over, making this semi-dead look a popular one for October 31st. We decided to jump on the bandwagon and create our own zombie look with the help of makeup extraordinaire Alana Dawn. Get ready — this look is about to BLOW your mind!

Step 1: Apply primer to your face to ensure that makeup will last as long as possible. Then, use a foundation brush to apply white, clown cake makeup (which can be purchased at any costume or party store) to the entire face and neck. Make sure you are liberal with your application so the entire face and neck region are completely coated and your natural skin tone is not visible. Dust face with a translucent setting powder to set the makeup.

Step 2:
Apply a black gel-or cream-based shadow to your eyelids (try Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Leather in Dramatic Black). Buff out the shade, so it extends just beyond the crease and looks smudged and messy (we are not aiming for perfection with this look!). Apply the same shade to the lower lash line and blend it out with your shadow brush. The more exaggerated the look, the better! Take a bright red blush or eye shadow (we love NYX High Definition Blush in Crimson) and apply around the outer eye area, so it borders the black shadow. Blend the red and black makeup a bit, so the red turns a crimson-purple shade. Add liquid liner to the upper and lower lash line for added depth to the eyes.

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Step 3:
Take red face paint or a cream-based eye shadow and draw red streaks around the eyes. Make sure you use a small, narrow brush and use quick, rapid strokes to make the lines razor sharp and staggered. Feel free to go crazy creating these lines and allow them to extend down the cheeks. Take black, liquid liner or a marker (like L’Oréal Paris The Blackbuster by Infallible) and repeat.

Step 4:
Apply black lipstick or cream shadow to the outer portion of the lips, avoiding the center (try NYX Wicked Lippies in Cold Hearted). Use a lip brush for ultimate precision and accuracy. For the ultimate Halloween touch, extend the liner at the corners of the mouth to give your lips an exaggerated, wing-like shape. Fill in the middle of the lips with your fave bright red lipstick and blend it outward with a lip brush, so it transitions seamlessly to the black lip color.

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Photo: Carlos Moscat
Makeup: Alana Dawn
Model: Sara Stretton

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