Makeup for Every Skin Tone

Almost nothing in life is quite as difficult as finding the right makeup for your skin tone. We know this sounds a little dramatic, but if you haven’t had trouble finding the perfect shade of foundation, you’ve been blessed. And let’s not even get into picking out the right blush among an aisle filled with pink, coral and rosy red palettes. And if life wasn’t complicated enough, try narrowing down an eye shadow shade or tube of lipstick in the sea of shimmery goodness, also known as the never-ending cosmetics counter? It can be time-consuming, confusing, frustrating — just a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Okay, we’ll stop with the dramatics, but it seriously is a struggle! That’s why we made it our mission to make your next beauty shopping trip a bit easier by putting together a guide of the most flattering makeup shades for YOUR specific skin tone.  Just take your pick! 

Fair Skin Tones
Makeup for Fair Skin

While your alabaster skin tone is as fair and flawless as that of Snow White, finding the right shade of anything is like searching for a spoolie in a haystack. Even the lightest of colors stands out against your ivory skin and let’s face it, that’s not always a good look. That’s why soft pink, coral and peach shades will enhance your natural beauty … without trying to cover it up or make it look like something it’s not!

Medium Skin Tones
Makeup for Medium Skin

So, you’re not quite light and you’re not quite olive. You’re sitting pretty in a happy — skin tone, that is. Medium skin tones have just enough warmth to give off a natural glow, so you’re in luck! Golden-brown, bronze and honey shades work wonders in enhancing your complexion via bronzers or highlighters, while lavender and rich blue shadows make your bright eyes really pop.

Olive Skin Tones
Makeup for Olive Skin

Not only do you turn a beautiful shade of gold while having fun in the sun, but your glowing complexion always looks healthy and radiant! All you have to do before heading out the door is enhance your natural skin tone — that includes rosy pink or warm, peach blush and just a hint of shimmer on your cheekbones!

Dark Skin Tones
Makeup for Dark Skin

Your rich skin tone can pull off just about ANY bright color. From glossy pink lippies to jewel-toned purple shadow — pigmented cosmetics are your BFF! You can try cranberry-colored or bright orange blush and even a subtle, shimmery bronzer (YES, bronzer!) to enhance your dark skin tone.

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