It seems most of us will do anything in our power to avoid aging. We associate it with wrinkles, gray hair and hot flashes, which we’ve trained ourselves to believe are all bad things. However, getting older can actually be a pretty awesome thing. For one, you get to know yourself a little bit better and also learn what makeup and beauty styles really work for you. In fact, makeup skills can often serve as your diploma when you graduate to adulthood. And by that, we mean turning 30. To get going down the right track, we came up with a list of six makeup techniques to learn up on before turning 30!

Makeup Techniques to Learn By 30 

1. Perfectly Straight Eyeliner ...

 You don’t have to be Picasso to know how to line your eyes properly. And these days, there are tons of hacks and little tricks to make sure those peepers are lined to perfection — so, you basically have no excuse. If you really want to get some grown-up points, master the cat eye. This will show people that you not only know how to draw a straight line, but you can wing that bad boy, too.

2. ... And Lip Liner

This may be a strong statement, but learning how to apply lipstick is one of the more important rites of passage to becoming a grown up. And the key to a perfectly colored pout is in the liner. Since not all lips are a shaped the same, outlining a Cupid’s bow (and the rest of your lips for that matter) is not always the easiest task. But, real women never back down from a challenge, so arm yourself with a couple lip lining tricks and watch the lipstick possibilities unfold before you. 

3. Smoky Eye

No eye look has withstood the test of time quite like the smoky eye. This look has managed to stay relevant for decades, with no plans of losing steam anytime soon. So, it’s safe to say this look will stay true to you through most of your life, so we recommend you commit to it by the big 3-0. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be complicated and you can switch it up as needed. Check out these three smoky eye tutorials that will have your eyes set for life:

4. Basic Contouring

Allow us to clarify. We’re not saying you need to know how to do crazy dramatic contouring that, when finished, makes you look like a whole other person. Contouring can also consist of simply accentuating and chiseling your natural facial features. That sounds pretty grown-up, right? Check out this tutorial on how to contour and bring out that naturally beautiful mug of yours.

5. Blush Blending

As little girls, blush was one of the first things we reached for when we raided our mothers’ makeup drawers. It was this bright, beautiful powder that illuminated our faces instantly. And while those red blushed circles we created on our cheeks were cute at the age of five, at 30 … well, not so much. Take control of your life, er, cheeks and get your blending skills under control. Learn how to command that blush brush and make your cheeks look naturally flushed.

6. Bronzer Basics 

Bronzer is one of those staple makeup products that is second only to foundation and can be found in virtually everyone’s makeup bag. And that’s because we recognize the importance of a glowing, tan complexion (sans the sunburn)! However, some of us still manage to get this bronzed powder wrong and end up looking like a splotchy, mismatched mess. Learn how to make bronzer work for you and not against you and see if you don’t feel a little more like an adult.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s have a little fun! Check out some more makeup tips and tutorials!

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