Nail Your Wedding Day Makeup With Pro Tips from an Armani MUA

September 30, 2021
Jazmine A. Ortiz
By: Jazmine A. Ortiz | by L'Oréal
Wedding Makeup Tips
Even if the big day is approaching and you’re still not sure whether you want to go with classic bridal makeup or something more on the trendy side,  there are still a few tried and true wedding makeup holy grails that you should have on your radar. Luckily for you, we’ve tapped Giorgio Armani Beauty national Face Designer, Beck Morgan, to break them down. Below, he explains the one product that every glowing bride needs and what not to skip when prepping your look for the wedding. 

Wedding Makeup Trend to Watch

“A major trend that I’ve seen (and that I hope is here to stay), is a glowing and healthy-looking complexion that looks like the best version of you, '' shares Morgan. This is a far departure from the usual matte, full coverage foundation with lots of contour and highlight we’ve been accustomed to seeing.“All my brides have been loving this fresh, new look,” he says. “The Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation is the best-shared secret amongst pro-artists for a reason. It’s lightweight, buildable and looks fresh. It truly is the gold standard!”


Wedding Makeup Dos

First things first, look for an artist with excellent communication who responds promptly. According to Morgan, that’s within a 24-hour window. “When you meet in person you should feel an energy of kindness, expertise and collaboration,” he says. “Ask questions and give your opinion — all great artists will want your input!”


Do have pictures of bridal makeup looks you like: “This helps steer the artist in the right creative direction.”


Do wear waterproof mascara: “The last thing you want to worry about is fixing tear streaks! I always rely on the Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Wet Waterproof Mascara for its gorgeous formula that never clumps and stays on like a dream.”
Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Wet Waterproof Mascara

Wedding Makeup Don'ts

Make sure you plan ahead so you can be sure your MUA has the right products on hand to get it right on the big day. You wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle with an unwelcome surprise literally displayed across your face.


Don’t skip the trial: “Even if you must do it the night before — you both need that time to connect on your special look.”


Don’t pick these lipstick finishes: “Ultra-matte or super shiny finish — always go for a timeless, satin finish. You will adore the Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Power Longwear Satin Lipstick for its kissable, long-lasting comfort and vivid color range.”

Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Power Longwear Satin Lipstick

DIY Wedding Makeup

In the case that your makeup artist falls through or you want to forgo the expense of a MUA, you can always take the DIY route. But before you settle for your signature cat-eye because that’s the only eye look you’ve mastered, take notes from a pro. Morgan says that many makeup artists will book in-person or online makeup lessons to teach you how to create your bridal makeup, so you can feel confident on your wedding day. “This is your red carpet moment!” says Morgan. “You need to glow head to toe, so moisturize your skin and try to conceal any imperfections.” 


Pro tip: Morgan always suggests applying a small amount of concealer and powder to your ears and decolletage before walking down the aisle. “I often see brides get flushed and you don’t want this to show, particularly in these areas that are especially prone to redness,” he says. “It may sound odd, but it makes a difference.” He swears by the Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Concealer because it blends so easily for any area that needs undetectable coverage.
Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Concealer
Photographer: Chaunte Vaughn

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