10 YouTube Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

May 03, 2022
Ariel Wodarcyk
By: Ariel Wodarcyk | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
10 Easy Makeup Tutorials for Beginners on YouTube

Like most beauty lovers, binge-ing YouTube makeup tutorials is our guilty pleasure. In fact, we have YouTube to thank for everything from our obsession with DIY nail art to overnight hairstyles. Plus, watching beauty vloggers on repeat has helped us master winged eyeliner, perfect our complexion and become experts on doing a full face in five minutes or less. Considering there are thousands (millions? zillions?) of videos on YouTube, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of our current favorites. These makeup tutorials for beginners cover all the basics.

Easy Bronze Makeup

For a radiant glow, try this easy 10-minute makeup tutorial by Charlotte Rose. Bushy brows, luminous skin, bronzed cheeks and glossy lips look gorgeous on every face shape and complexion, and they're easy to recreate with the products you already have in your collection.

Colorful Makeup Tutorial

Believe it or not, a colorful eye makeup look is easier to achieve than you may think. Jasmine Brown used only two shadows to create this vibrant, spring-ready makeup look. Follow her lead with this purple and green color combo, or swap them for two contrasting colors of your choice for a simple look that makes a statement.

Laminated Brow Tutorial

Want to achieve full, laminated brows without stepping foot in a salon? Follow along with Mei Pang’s tutorial, in which she shares her tips for growing out your brows, getting them to hold in place all day and achieving natural, hair-like strokes with the NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil.

Full-Face Drugstore Makeup Tutorial 

Anyone who says you can’t achieve a flawless, full-glam look using drugstore makeup should seriously reconsider that stance. Here, Shaaanxo shows off her dewy complexion and flawless wing using all Maybelline New York products, including the Dream Radiant Liquid Foundation and the Hyper Easy Waterproof Liquid Liner.

False Eyelash Application Tutorial

Alexandra Anele’s channel holds a wealth of information, from how to cover up acne to the best blush placement for your face shape. One of our favorite videos of hers, however, is this quick and easy false eyelash application tutorial; it’s one of the most in-depth falsie how-tos we’ve ever seen.

A Makeup-in-Five-Minutes Tutorial

Maya Galore has you covered with a timed, five-minute makeup tutorial. In order to do your makeup fast, she suggests figuring out your beauty priorities first. Are bold brows important to you? Do you have dark circles you want to cover up? Dedicate the most time and product to those areas, and the rest of your face will look instantly more put-together and awake.

A Soft Glam Tutorial for Deep Skin

Oré Otun doesn’t gloss over a single step in this incredibly informative tutorial. From creating a natural-looking brow shape to perfecting her base with the NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation, she covers all the bases for a soft glam look for dark skin.

A Dewy, Glass-Skin Foundation Tutorial

Watch Dilan Sabah’s tutorial to learn how to achieve the most natural-looking glass-skin finish. She provides some great tips on how to get the right amount of warmth, dew and glossiness from your everyday bronzer-and-highlighter duo. To amp up your glow, we suggest priming your face first with the Valentino Beauty V-Lighter Face Base Primer and Highlighter.

Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial 

Perfecting a cat eye can be tricky. Thankfully Denitslava Makeup breaks down exactly how to master eyeliner application in this video. She provides a close-up view, and her instructions are super easy to follow. Plus, she provides a few of her fave liners, including the Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen, in the description. 

In-Depth Color Correcting Tutorial

Haley Kim rarely wears foundation because she’s such a pro at color correcting. In this video, she gives a quick color theory lesson and breaks down how to camouflage all sorts of skin concerns, from hyperpigmentation to acne. She demonstrates the technique using the NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Palette.

Photo: @modelmouth, Design: Juliana Campisi

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