Summer makeup is all about looking naturally radiant, and although most of us don’t wake up like this, dewy skin is super easy to achieve via makeup — if you know what you’re doing and are equipped with the right products. The key to mastering this look, however, is keeping it glowy and not greasy, which is not always an easy task. Here are a few key tips and products that will make getting your glow on a whole lot easier.

STEP 1: Prime Time

Prepping your skin with a matte primer (not an illuminating one) is key, as you’ll want to create the perfect canvas for this glowing look. Because you’ll be skipping setting powder altogether for this look, you need something to prevent shine and oil overload like the Lancôme Prep and Matte.

STEP 2: Foundation

Now’s the time to get dewy. Grab an illuminating, lightweight foundation like the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and apply it to your face, using a damp beauty sponge. This will allow the makeup to go on light and smooth. If you need to cover any spots or blemishes, use a cream concealer and blend well into the skin.

STEP 3: Blush

When going for natural, luminous skin, there are two things to keep in mind with blush: Don’t go overboard and blend well. Remember, you are going for a naturally flushed look, so grab a peach cream-based blush like the Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Stick in Perk and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Blend well with your fingers or beauty sponge.


STEP 4: Finishing Touch

Give your face one last glowing touch. Grab an illuminating powder and lightly dust your face to set the look. Make sure the powder is shimmery and not glittery, as you want to avoid anything that will make you look oily — Urban Decay Naked Illuminated is our favorite.

STEP 5: Complete With a Glossy Pout

Top off your look with a glossy lip . Just a few swipes of Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine in Fuel, will leave your pout dewy, shiny and ready to go.

STEP 6: Set It Dewy

To complete the dewy look from top to bottom, finish off the whole look with the NYX Professional Makeup Dewy Setting Spray. This will leave your makeup looking radiant but shine-free.

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