How to Make the Perfect DIY Mother's Day Gift Basket

Almost forgot there, didn’t you? With just five days left before her special day, you’ve still got plenty of time – OK, maybe not plenty, but you’ve got some time – to whip up a DIY gift we know she’ll appreciate.

We get it; you’re busy. You work 12+ hours a day, you need to squeeze in a pilates class or two and then find time to whip up a few healthy meals for the week. But this is Mom we’re talking about here: the OG of best friends, the one who calls just to check in and make sure you had lunch, the lady who sends you care packages filled with spaghetti and lint rollers. So show Mom that she’s on your mind (because you’re always on hers) with a handcrafted goodie basket made just for her. Oh, and give her a call, will ya?

Mother's Day Gift Basket

Gifts for Mother Dearest:

You can always send your one and only mama a bouquet of flowers – you know she’d love ‘em.  But why not up the ante and curate a few additional surprises that will totally make her day?

The Body Shop British Rose Collection

Because deep down every mom is a sweet fleur (yeah, we went there), give her the gift of products made with hand-picked, air dried petals so she can smell just as beautiful as she looks!

Ralph Lauren Romance Mother’s Day Fragrance Set

If she prefers woodsy fragrances, this seductive, musky scent will remind her of what it was like to fall in love with Dad all over again. Not that we need to get into the nitty gritty details of all that.

Giorgio Armani Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Giorgio Armani definitely has Mom on the mind: their exclusive Mother’s Day gift guide covers every beauty-loving mom’s needs, from fragrance sets to an eye tint trio and even a red lipstick kit. And we all know how much Mom loves lipstick.

Kiehl’s Exclusive Mother’s Day Healthy Skin Sets

She stressed the importance of sun protection right out of the womb, so saying that mom thinks a diligent skincare routine is essential would be an understatement. With all of the serums and potions on her bathroom counter, treating Mom to the lasting gift of healthy skin is even better than a day at the spa.

Although, if you’re lucky enough to live near Mom, we suggest making a DIY spa day of it! Show up with her handpicked gifts, a bottle of chilled rosé, set up a mani/pedi station and get the sheet masks going! At the end of the day, Mom just wants to spend the day with her baby — yes, you will alwaaaays be her baby.



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