How to Seamlessly Transition Your Manicure From Summer to Fall

September 24, 2019
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | by L'Oréal
How to Seamlessly Transition Your Manicure From Summer to Fall

Summer manicures are all about having that “wow” factor. Whether you prefer bright, neon nails, charming nail jewelry or both, it’s the season to be playful with your mani. But as the sun sets on our favorite season, it doesn’t mean you have to let go of that bold nail look just yet. Transitioning your manicure into fall can be fun and experimental. Think: all your favorite fall hues but with a subtle statement piece that reminds you of all your rosé-filled beach days. Press pause on your dark moody nail ideas and hold onto summer for just a little bit longer with these six easy looks that will seamlessly transition your manicure from summer to fall.

Neutrals Meets Neon
If you looked up transitional manicure in the dictionary, this is undoubtedly what you’d find. It takes your staple nude mani and adds a pretty pop of hot pink, but just on the outer corners. Everything about this look gives us the perfect balance of summer and fall vibes. 

Gradient Manicure
When you can’t choose one color, choose them all. This manicure is the perfect blend of warm cozy hues and bright colors that resemble a beautiful beach sunset. You can achieve this look using all the colors in the Essie Rocky Rose collection. 

Summery Peach 
Indulge in this peachy-toned and warm beige manicure for the in-between seasons. This mouthwatering duo reminds us of a pumpkin-spice latte but, like, with a summer peachy twist.

Neon Nude
For another “neon meets nude” manicure that makes saying goodbye to rosé season just a tiny bit easier, opt for a bright highlighter yellow and pair it with your favorite nude shade to create this geometric manicure that’s subtle enough for fall but adds a bit of individuality and a nod to the summer sun. 

Bronzed Goddess
Summer is all about getting your bronzy, dewy (faux) tan on point. But don’t let that just apply to your makeup goals. Try this bronzed outline manicure matched with a pinky nude shade to achieve a sunkissed vibe that will last well into the fall season. 

Geometric Red
Red is a classic hue no matter what the weather is outside. If you don’t know how to transition your nails to match the shifting temperatures, then go for a geometric, red manicure. It’s bright and bold but not too overwhelming because the color is focused on the outer corner of your nail. 

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