50 White Nail Designs You Need to Try

December 06, 2022
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XL French Tip nails with bejeweled outlines
Choosing your nail color is making a statement (no wonder it takes so long!), and there’s something about a white manicure that says you’re ready to take on the world. Whether you’re using the shade to create intricate nail art designs or going for a simple and sheer white mani à la the “clean girl” aesthetic, there are so many looks you can create with white nail polish. Ahead, we rounded up 50 ideas to consider for your next nail appointment. 

White Nail Designs By Length

Short White Nails

1. White Swirly Designs

Nail art minimalists (and those who prefer shorter nail lengths!) will love this swirly, negative space design.

2. Rounded and Short White Mani

Sometimes the best nail looks are the simplest — especially if you’re attempting to DIY your mani.

3. Nude and White Manicure

A super thin, precise nail art brush will be your best friend when attempting to recreate this minimalist look at home.

4. Intricate White Designs

Paint a little garden on your nude, glossy nails with your favorite white polish.

5. Chrome Soft White

If you want to give your white mani a light-reflecting edge, a chrome overlay might be more your speed. The Essie Expressie FX in Iced Out Top Coat will give you this effect. (Bonus: It also dries quickly.)

6. Mini Hearts

We’re obsessed with these mini white hearts placed near the cuticle.

7. Solid White

For short nails, going for a solid white mani is simple and timeless.

8. White and Pink Marble

Maybe it’s marble, or maybe it’s white clouds atop a pink sky. Either way, this look is incredibly dreamy. Essie Matter of Fiction is a great pink for this design.

9. Gold Glitter Flames

The white lines create dynamic streaks resembling a fire. We’d love to see this with a red glitter base reminiscent of the flame emoji.

10. Short French Manicure

Ask your manicurist for a short French mani featuring black and white tips — and bring in this photo as inspiration!

11. Square-Shaped Opaque White Nails

Never underestimate the transformative power of switching up your nail shape. This square shape looks amazing when paired with a super glossy, opaque white polish.

Medium White Nails

12. Graphic White Shapes

Go for a geometric, mix-and-match vibe by alternating between French tips and graphic white designs.

13. Solid White With Jewels

The milky white base color with a fully bejeweled finger will dazzle for any camera’s flash. Don’t be shy to add another finger with the same gleaming rhinestones.

14. Subtle Glitter

White nails with a little glitter are great for when you want to stand out and sparkle in a subtle way. We see this look as simple without ever being boring.

15. Textured Knit and Gold Glitter

This textured look just screams, “Pass me more eggnog, please!” while sitting by a crackling fire. We love that it incorporates shades of pink and rose gold.

16. Simple Pearl Design

This white-on-white design with the pearl accent is giving major “I do” vibes.

17. Black and White Nails

Black and white nails look good on everybody, on any length and shape — it’s the ideal color duo.

18. Cartoon Outline

We’re loving the growing popularity of these cartoon nails, where the nails look like they came out of a comic book.

19. Red Hearts

The red hearts are super adorable and work for all nail lengths.

20. Blue and White Nails

Ask your manicurist for multiple designs within one mani. Using matte white and navy polish is definitely the way to go for a wintery vibe.

21. Minimalist Holiday White and Red

The small Santa hat detail makes this design super adorable and perfect for a festive holiday party.

Long White Nails

22. Snowflake Nails

Snowflake designs with a milky white base are perfect for a holiday look. You can dress them up with jewels or keep them simple.

23. Gold Jewels

White and gold nails are a cute combo, especially with the gold accents. The jewels make the white on the French tip pop — a twist to a classic design.

24. Bejeweled Deep French

This is a glam nail that’s perfect for an event or any special occasion. Formal, but make it Instagram-worthy.

25. Gold Speckled Accents

The gold flecks with the marble-like design just screams “glam.” We love how the base milky white creates a layered look here. Essie Marshmallow would create the base you’re looking for.

26. Textured Accents

This textured French tip and flower accents shared by @nailsssby.ashh creates a 3D look. We love these for a bride looking to elevate her wedding nails.

27. Frost Queen

These long, coffin-shaped white nails are not for the faint of heart. The frosted base looks stunning under these larger jewels and would only look this good on a longer nail.

28. White Nails With Glitter

White on white deserves more praise. A frosted, glittery French tip with a white base works for all nail lengths.

29. Silver Chrome Jewels

This look will tell the world that you’re a rockstar and we’re just here to watch you run the show.

30. Square French Mani

We know, we know, it’s been done. But why mess with a classic? It works for all lengths and shapes.

31. Minimalist Jewel Design

We’re longtime fans of mini gemstones for those who want a little sparkle without going all out. A few rhinestones, especially with a minimal design, gives off an air of elegance that we can appreciate.

32. Croc Print

We love a croc print nail design, whether in-set — how @briisnailsss created these long acrylics — or with a more 3D effect where the design sits up from the nail. Definitely don’t miss the opportunity to dress in the same print.

33. Dotted Design

These duck-shaped nails look adorable with the dotted design on top of a French tip. The additional color makes this a layered look, and there are plenty of pink shades out there to choose from to get the look yourself. We recommend Essie Gel Couture in Haute to Trot.

34. White on Soft White

This white line design on the soft white base color is playful and rebellious.

35. Holiday Party Nails

‘Tis the season to show off your mani! That means asking your manicurist for a design like this filled with candy cane swirls and snowflakes.

36. Butterflies and Frost

We can’t stop staring at this maximalist bejeweled butterfly nail appliqué.

37. Deep French Tips With Pearls

This polka-dotted pearl design is a fun yet sophisticated look. The length combined with the French tip base gives this design even more character.

38. Orange and Texture Leaves

This matte set is perfect for fall and can be customized with many different designs.

39. Gradient Tips With Design

We love the gradient trend, where each finger is a different shade of one color. For a detailed design, such as this blossoming flower, you’ll need the length to create a dynamic look.

40. Seasonal Aesthetic

This autumn-inspired nail design works well for all nail lengths, but something a little longer would allow for leaves and fuller swirls.

41. Hyper-Realistic

You can have a lot of fun with these designs — just choose your favorite cartoon character.

42. Red and Gold Jewels

Red and gold are two bold colors that just demand attention. The white makes it a little softer.

43. Pearly White Nails

Prefer something a little more subtle? With a stunning shape and a glazed finish, this mani is the perfect choice.

44. Orange and Gold Leaves

The white on these glittery gold and orange leaves just pops and gives the design a bit of depth. This would look cute with a coffin shape as well.

45. Fruity Accents

These fruit pieces add a splash of color to an otherwise simple design. You can have a lot of fun choosing which fruit to feature.

46. Cherry French Tips

We think we’ve proven our point — the French tip is a great base for any design. These outlines add a bit of color, and the heart-shaped cherries feel like an ode to the ’90s. Try Essie Gel Couture in Rock the Runway to get that fire engine red color.

47. Pink and White Nails

This white and rosé pink set is ready for a party any day of the week. We love the addition of the ombré nail as well.

48. Pink Frost French Tips

We love the butterfly details on these frosty pink French tips.

49. Brown French Tip

Alternate each French tip with a different color. White and brown is a minimalist yet statement-making option, and the additional vertical lines really tie the look together.

50. White and Gold Nails

Gold foil placed on a gradient white manicure is a combo we will forever love.

Photo: @nails_and_blinks, Design: Juliana Campisi

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