How to Give Yourself a Flawless White Manicure, According to a Pro

July 21, 2022
Sarah Ferguson
By: Sarah Ferguson | by L'Oréal
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Is there any manicure as summery and classic as a white manicure? We don’t think so. The shade is fresh, has a relaxed vibe and stands out against sun-kissed skin. Despite its laid-back feel, it can be deceivingly difficult to create an even, non-streaky mani using white nail polish at home. But if you can’t make it to the salon, don’t worry, it is doable at home. Follow the tips below from Rita Remark, editorial manicurist and Essie global lead educator, to nail the perfect white manicure.

1. Choose the Right Shade of White 

Not all white nail polishes will deliver the same results. “For a flawless, bright Wite-Out white, I only use Essie Nail Polish in Blanc. It’s super pigmented and ideal for nail art,” says Remark. For a more sheer, milky finish, she likes Essie Nail Polish in Marshmallow. “It has a cloudy texture that is perfect for a bright, but not too stark finish.”
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2. Start With a Good Base Coat

The key to avoiding streaks when using white nail polish is to start with a ridge-filling base coat. “Base coats like these make for a smoother application,” explains Remark. Try the Essie Smooth-E Base Coat

3. “Float,” Don’t Press the Polish as You Apply

When applying white nail polish, apply more polish on the brush and use fewer strokes. “I use this technique to ‘float’ the polish down the nail rather than press,” says Remark. “If you use a lighter touch, the brush bristles tend to leave behind fewer streaks.”

4. Get Creative 

“Beyond the classic French manicure, there are endless ways of using white polish in nail art,” says Remark. “Because it's so stark, it is perfect for graphic lines or polka dots.”  She also recommends using it under a matte top coat or as the canvas for a colorful design, like tie-dye nails

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