There are few things in life that beat the feeling of sinking into your bed after a long, stressful day. We can practically feel the tension melting away just thinking about it (is it bedtime yet?). However, what you do right before you go to bed might just have the potential to undo all eight hours of prime beauty rest — a disturbing thought, we know. To help you sleep easy (and beautifully) tonight, we’re sharing the four biggest beauty mistakes people make before hitting the hay and how to avoid them. Sleep on, beauties!

nighttime beauty mistakes

Mistake #1: Talking on your phone before bed

Whether you’re calling up your bestie or saying goodnight to a long-distance significant other, it can be tempting to cozy up with your cellphone before calling it a night. But be warned — your cell screen is full of germs and bacteria that can transfer to the skin on your face. You wouldn’t want all your PM cleansing to be for nothing, right? Instead, use the speakerphone option on your cellphone or limit phone conversations to pre-bedtime cleansing.

Mistake #2: Sleeping on your chest

Bad news, stomach sleepers — sleeping on your chest can cause puffiness in your face and eyes, as well as tug on your visage and cause wrinkles. Yikes! Help yourself wake up pretty by snoozing on your back and adding an extra pillow; this will help the fluids drain and prevent excess puffiness in the AM.

Mistake #3: Not switching out your pillowcase

Your pillowcase is a breeding ground for oil, germs and bacteria — so keep it clean, people! Toss it in the wash at least once every week to decrease the chance of waking up to a not-so-welcome breakout. 

Mistake #4: Forgetting your hands

Cracked cuticles? Dry hands? Put the “beauty” back in “beauty sleep” by remembering to slather on hand cream and cuticle oil before you sleep. Then, just let them soak in and do their magic while you slumber — you’ll wake up to soft, smooth digits.

Have you ever made any of these nighttime beauty mistakes?
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