The Lancôme Priming Serum Is Worth the Extra Makeup Step — Trust Me

December 22, 2022
Victoria Moorhouse
By: Victoria Moorhouse | by L'Oréal
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If you’ve ever used a makeup primer, you know how much a difference it can make in how your foundation looks after a full day at the office. A really good formula will lock your complexion products in place — and around 5 p.m., your makeup will look nearly identical to how it appeared when it was freshly applied in the morning. It’s the promise of little to no touch-ups that always has me game to road-test a new formula. The latest on my list: the Lancôme Priming Serum. Read on to learn more about its skin-smoothing, pore-blurring benefits and how it kept my makeup looking flawless after a full day of life.

The Lancôme Priming Serum Formula

I was initially drawn to this primer because of its downright gorgeous packaging. I mean, seriously — look at it! It’s housed in a mirrored and refillable compact embossed with the signature gold Lancôme rose. The primer itself has a balm consistency, which explains why it's packaged in a compact rather than a tube. It also comes with a mini spatula to help you scoop out exactly how much product you need, though it’s worth noting the brand recommends a grain-sized amount for application.

As for its claims, the Lancôme Priming Serum promises to extend the wear of makeup, instantly smooth and mattify the skin and blur the appearance of pores. The balm itself is infused with a serum (hence the name) that utilizes ingredients like hyaluronic acid to hydrate and niacinamide to improve skin texture over time. You can wear it layered under complexion products (which is how I chose to use it) or on its own to minimize the appearance of pores and help create a matte skin finish.

Lancôme Priming Serum

My Review of the Lancôme Priming Serum

The first time I tested the Priming Serum, I was hesitant to dip the spatula in the blush-colored balm because it just looked so pretty in the compact — but I’m so glad I did.

To apply it, I scooped out a dollop approximately the size of a corn kernel. Then, as the brand suggests, I warmed it up between my fingertips and gently massaged it onto my skin. This helps the formula transform from a semi-solid balm to a blendable and super soft cream. I usually apply it to the center of my face first and work my way out, as my nose is the area that needs the most pore blurring.

The primer blends with ease and leaves my skin feeling extremely smooth and soft in seconds. While the formula definitely blurs my pores (I notice the biggest difference on my nose and chin!) and reduces the appearance of my fine lines, it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on the skin. It’s relatively weightless and leaves behind a soft-focus, natural matte finish. Normally, I prefer glowy makeup, and I’m still able to layer on a creamy, dewy highlighter on top of this without any issues. editor Victoria Moorhouse wearing Lancôme Priming Serum

The makeup-extending claims of this primer hold up too. If I apply it around 8 a.m., my minimal foundation and concealer will still look fresh by the end of the work day. Unless I’ve been touching my face a lot (I know, I know — bad habit), I don’t even notice a difference in coverage either. 

I don’t wear makeup every day, so I can’t personally vouch for the claim of a healthier-looking complexion in two weeks, but my skin has never felt dry, irritated or uncomfortable while wearing this primer — as someone with sensitive skin, I consider this a major win. For blurred, smooth skin and makeup that lasts, I can’t recommend this enough. editor Victoria Moorhouse wearing Lancôme Priming Serum
Photos: Victoria Moorhouse, Design: Juliana Campisi

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