As annoyed as we may get when our Instagram feed gets flooded with pictures of sunsets and candy-colored clouds, we can’t deny that they’re pretty. Sometimes Mother Nature just gets it right. When this happens, all we want to do is copy her. We started to think that the pinks, golds and blues that dance across the sky circa 6 p.m. would look even better on our eyes, so we called in professional makeup artist Emma Willis to make our vision come to life.  

sunset eyeshadow
What we used: 1. All-over base. Apply a wash of cream-colored shadow all over the eyelid.
2. Gold shimmer. Add a shimmering gold eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye and blend across the inner third of the eyelid.
3. Green eye shadow. Apply green shadow to the center of the lid. Use a clean brush to buff the edges until the colors blend seamlessly.
4. Pink pigment. Add pink pigment to the outer corner of the eye and blend inward. Take the color up to the crease and blend it out a little bit above your natural crease. Carry the pink down to lower lash line.
5. Blue eye shadow. Blend blue eye shadow into the outer corner of the eye. Place this color just inside of the pink pigment. Bring the color down to lower lash line and blend it just above the pink shadow.
6. Eyeliner and mascara. Use black eyeliner to define the upper and lower lash lines. Line the waterline and inner corner with a white eye pencil then set it with the cream-colored eye shadow used to start the look. Finish with mascara.  

Would you wear sunset eye shadow?
Tell us what you think of the look below.  

Makeup: Emma Willis for Contour Fossa

Photo: Joshua M Shelton Photography
Model: Yvette Angulo

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